All-In Fitness Apps Turn Your iPhone into a Personal Trainer

Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can all be great resources to help you get active and fit. Arawella Corporation has created the “All-In” suite of fitness apps, geared towards helping users stay in shape.

All-In Fitness LogoAll-In Fitness

For the serious gym-rat or just-joined, this app generates personalized workouts based on your fitness level, weight and goals. You have the choice of selecting exercises from a database that organized into target areas (leg, arms, chest, ect.) or have the app suggest a workout to you. It also has a body-tacker feature and an easy-to-use calorie counter.

All-In Fitness has over 700 exercises, insuring that users will never get bored. However, many of the workouts are heavily dependent on fitness equipment and machines. You will definitely need access to a fully-outfitted gym to be able to complete these workouts.

All-In Yoga LogoAll-In Yoga

Personally, yoga is one of my favorite fitness activities, but I’m not always able to work a class into my schedule. The All-In Yoga app is great for people like me, who might want to practice at home, but still need a little guidance. Much like the All-In Fitness app, All-Yoga creates a personalized sequence of asanas, or poses, based on the user’s input. Once you select a program, the app will walk you through each pose will illustrations and audio instructions.

Users can also access a large database of poses, which are organized by difficulty.

All-In Pedometer LogoAll-In Pedometer

I was particularly excited about the All-In Pedometer app. Not only does it work well and has an intuitive user interface, it tells you a great deal more than just how far you’ve walked. In addition to keeping track of your total number of steps, the app also logs your distance, calories burned, current speed, and average speed. You can toggle through a graph of all of these parameters over time.

All-In Pedometer has a number of other features. You can access your iTune while using the app or create a workout playlist. You can set daily goals and keep track of progress using body measurements or weight.

Get All-In Apps Here:

All-In Fitness iPhone App

All-In Yoga iPhone App

All-In Pedometer iPhone App

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