Anne Hathaway’s Hummus- and Radish-Only Diet for Les Miserables Role

One Hollywood star has been looking particularly thin lately as Anne Hathaway prepares for the next installment of the Batman franchise. The actress, who will play Catwoman, spent months toning her physique to fit in the tight leather suit she was required to wear while filming. Her nutritionist, Jackie Keller, spoke to us about Anne’s nearly vegan diet, but was more dismissive of the starvation diet Anne followed for her Les Miserables role.

After the Batman film was wrapped Hathaway went straight to shooting “Les Miserable.” Before filming for that role she knew losing more weight was something the producers wanted. Anne started a strict 500 calories a day diet, which consisted of hummus and radishes. The star talks about her new diet in the latest issue of Allure.

Eating hummus and radishes would be a great afternoon snack, but restricting yourself to only 500 calories a day is harmful and dangerous. Anne has been on a crash diet to get herself ready for the role of Fantie, a prostitute who sells her hair to provide for her daughter, in Les Miserables. On top of a dangerously low calorie intake she’s working out, too! Where does she get the energy?

Depriving yourself of its needed calories can change your body drastically. When someone doesn’t eat enough calories their metabolism slows down, they experience mental fatigue, headaches occur, and much more. Crash diets provide fast weight loss results, but once you resume normal eating the weight is quickly regained.

Hopefully when Anne is finished shooting “Les Miserable” she will be able to enjoy a normal meal and start a practical eating plan.

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