Britney Spears Flaunts Her Fit Yoga Body on Shape’s Cover

Britney Spears is always in the spotlight. Sometimes for her music, sometimes for her personal drama, and lately for her new body, something the pop star has dramatically changed with yoga.

britney spears yoga

The 31-year-old mother of two is preparing for her new Las Vega show, set to open in the fall. She recently told Shape magazine that she needed to be in shape to pull off that performance. Spears began working with her trainer and started the Nutrisystem program. The results have been impressive as Spears sported a very revealing bikini on the cover of Shape this month.

Her diet has consisted of nutritional shakes for breakfast and lunches and dinners of protein and vegetables. She states that she tries to avoid eating the foods she feeds her kids, especially homemade cookies. She gets in a lot of cardio with trainer Tony Martinez, about an hour three times a week. However, it may be the yoga that she does for 90 minutes, twice a week that has really transformed her figure and made her bikini fit.

Spears trains with Elizabeth I., owner of EQI Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. Her yoga routine includes three sets of poses that include the boat, crescent lunge, warrior 2, bow, and camel.

The Boat: Works core and legs

Crescent lunge: Strengthens legs and butt and also stretches hip flexors

Warrior 2: Strengthens legs and shoulders; stretches legs and chest.

Bow: Strengthens back, also stretches abs, chest, shoulders and legs.

Camel: Strengthens arms and shoulders. Stretches shoulders, chest, abs and legs.

The routine only requires a mat. No extra equipment is required to get such an intense and obviously effective workout.

Spears demonstrates these moves beautifully in the June issue of Shape. Her abs do not look like she has two small children; she looks great and ready to take on her new Vegas show, or the world for that matter. Yoga agrees with her, big time.

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