Celebrate Dad with a Healthy Father’s Day Brunch

Father’s Day is this Sunday; are you ready to celebrate? If not, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered – food, drinks and all.

Instead of taking dad out to a restaurant this year and enduring long waits and noisy crowds, make a healthy, filling brunch at home to show him how much you care. After all, it takes a lot more planning and effort to prepare something yourself than to just cover the bill at a restaurant.

I don’t know about you but breakfast and brunch have always been special meals in our household. Growing up, we treated late-morning meals on the weekends as if were a sacred practice, taking the time to prepare homemade sausage, egg and cheese bagel sandwiches or carefully-crafted pancakes alongside mounds of fresh fruit and lots of warm maple syrup. And coffee? Always a must, especially in my sister and I’s older years.

If your dad’s anything like mine, he’ll love this spread. Hearty, Denver-style scrambled eggs with ham and peppers and cheese; grilled or fresh fruit served as kabobs; a refreshing orange smoothie; breakfast potatoes; homemade pepper bread all finished off with the perfect iced coffee. Does it get any better than that?


Grilled Fruit Kabobs – If you’ve never tried grilled fruit you’re missing out. Pineapple, grapefruit and watermelon are just a few of the most popular kinds of fruit whose flavors are enhanced when heated over a hot grill. Serve your selection of fruits on a skewer, kabob-style. Or if a grill is out of reach, opt for fresh instead.

Denver Scrambled Eggs – It doesn’t get any more classic than this. Farm-fresh eggs whipped up with light cream, seasonings, veggies and ham, and swirled around a hot skillet with melted cheese. Scoop it up with homemade bread for an extra delicious flavor combination.

Sunrise Smoothie – You don’t have to be a smoothie whiz to whip up this creation. With just four ingredients and a blender you’ll be serving dad a restaurant-worthy drink in no time.

Grilled Potato Packets – This recipe may sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple. And forgoing the electric skillet or grill and opting for the oven instead makes the cooking process a cinch.

Black Pepper Bread – If your dad isn’t the spicy-type, leave out the pepper for a milder flavor. And if you’re short on time, just opt for a quality baguette or store-bought wheat bread.

Perfect Iced Coffee – The Pioneer Woman knows how to make a cowboy-worthy breakfast and the perfect iced tea to go along with it. She even shares a special way to brew up a bolder cup of joe, and offers two variations on giving the drink that sweet, creamy flavor it’s famous for. It’ll be just the caffeine perk dad needs to start his day off right.

With a brunch feast this grand, dad will surely feel like a king by the time it’s all finished. Here’s to a healthy and happy Father’s Day!

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