Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Method Claims to Spot-Reduce Fat

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen one area of your body you wish you could improve? I have, but I’ve come to accept my imperfections under the idea that you can’t spot-train certain areas of the body to change the way they look.

Well, if you told that to Charles Poliquin, creator of Poliquin Performance and the BioSignature Method, he’d likely slap you across the face and proceed to tell you, ‘Yes, you can spot-treat the body.’ And he’d probably follow that by dispelling the ideas that you can’t ‘cleanse the body’ or rid it of toxins either.

Poliquin doesn’t agree with the majority of ‘sensible’ health experts who say you can’t spot treat your body like you do your laundry. For this reason, he’s developed a fitness program that he claims is able to spot-reduce fat, rid the body of toxins, and cleanse it entirely through a special diet and training regimen.

Opponents of Poliquin’s ideologies would love to sit down and debate with the 51-year-old exercise physiologist from Canada. And knowing his confident air and feisty demeanor, he’d likely welcome the challenge with open arms. Having wild success with his BioSignature Method since its inception in 2006, Poliquin boldly stands behind what he preaches saying if it didn’t work, he wouldn’t have hundreds of satisfied clients cycling through his program.

The philosophy behind the BioSignature Method is this: there are 12 sites in the body where fat deposits develop. Poliquin believes each site is in connection to a hormone that, when presents itself in excess, sends signals to the body to store fat. An example of this is the stress hormone cortisone that can cause belly fat.

Another claim Poliquin makes of his program is that it will cleanse the body of toxins – a benefit often associated with Holllywood-type cleanses, which most experts would dispute the effectiveness of. But Poliquin is confident in this diet and workout regimen, which has such prestigious clients as Deepak Chopra and professional athletes who have collectively won 17 Olympic medals.

So how does the BioSignature Method work? Poliquin requires a strict, seven-day cleanse and intense workout regimen every six months; or a three or four day version of this regimen completed every month – both are done with the supervision of a Poliquin-certified coach.

These certified coaches are trained specifically on the Poliquins methods so they can implement the program as its intended. Popularity is catching on as tons of hopefuls are on waiting lists to get into the Poliquin certification classes.

The BioSignature Method cleanse portion requires a strict vegan diet that includes green veggies, specially-formulated protein shakes, and brown, black, purple or wild rice implemented on the fourth day of the seven-day cleanse. To target ‘trouble spots,’ clients are prescribed Poliquin’s own line of supplements. Each supplement is a special mix of vitamins and herbs that claims to help neutralize and balance hormone levels to perform such actions as building muscle of reducing body fat. One supplement for example, contains a mixture of fish oil, omega 3s, Vitamin D3, magnesium, and adrenal supplements to target belly fat.

The workout regimen is equally demanding with an intense mix of strength training, yoga, and Thai Chi, customized to each client based on their individual goals. A typical workout schedule includes yoga on Sunday and Monday, 30-minute strength training sessions Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Tai Chi on Wednesday, and a massage on Friday to encourage the release of toxins.

If you’re wondering how much the program will set you back, the line of supplements of powders alone run a little more than $600 a month. And the fee for a Poliquin-certified coach is no small price either. On average, one hour will set you back $100-$200.

While some are still skeptical of Poliquin’s methods, Ben Prentiss, a trainer for the National Hockey League, has been a Poliquin practitioner for more than 17 years now and strongly believes in the non-traditional approach. “Doctors say there’s no such thing,” Prentiss told Details Magazine in a recent interview. “But I have empirical evidence.”

Believe it or not, Poliquin has built a strong clan of supporters and doesn’t show any sign of slowing as the BioSignature Method continues to grow and gain popularity in many health circles, most recently among the Hollywood acting scene. You can find more information about the program on his website, The Poliquin BioSignature Method.

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