Don’t be Fooled by Healthy Food Imposters

yogurt cupA lot of foods appear healthy but contain ingredients that add unwanted fat and calories and can undo hours of work at the gym. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • Yogurt – many popular brands of yogurt contain as much sugar as ice cream. Some have added cereals and chocolate chips. Instead, start with a plain version and add your own flavors with whole fruit. If you need a sweetener, a small amount of honey or agave syrup can add a great deal of flavor. Greek yogurt is one of my personal favorites!
  • Granola – this popular cereal choice can be very high in saturated fats and calories. Make your own granola and you can control the ingredients, adding more healthy choices. You can even mix the granola in with your plain yogurt for a delicious treat!
  • Granola Bars – many of these are glorified candy bars with added sugar and in some cases, coated with chocolate. Why not make your own granola bars with your homemade granola?
  • Fruit Leather/Strips/Chewies/Fruit Snacks – Many of these choices are not fruit at all but concoctions with large amounts of corn syrup and food coloring. Instead, look for real dried fruit or 100% fruit leather.  (Be sure to brush your teeth really well after!)vitamin water
  • Bottled Water – believe it or not, even bottled water can be a detriment to your healthy eating endeavors. Many bottled waters have added sugar and juice. We waste tons of calories every day on liquids, and drinks that are fortified with vitamins and minerals are unnecessary – you get most of what you need from your daily intake. Plain water is all you need, but if it’s not appealing, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or some fresh fruit.
  • Whole Wheat Bread – make sure that your bread choice is 100% whole wheat or whole grain and not merely bleached flour with caramel color added.

It’s easy to get tripped up when you are trying to eat healthy. Read food labels and remain vigilant with your choices.

One Response to Don’t be Fooled by Healthy Food Imposters

Anna says:

A big pet peeve of mine is the fake yogurt. I found out about all of that when I figured out I was lactose intolerant. REAL yogurt has little to no lactose, but all those cheap, yummy, “diet” yogurts have added whey and coloring and sugar and YUCK.
I see someone eating those, and I have to say “Hey, you know that’s not actually yogurt, right?”

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