Dwyane Wade’s Driven App Offers Expert Basketball Training to Players at Home

Is there anything hotter than the Miami Heat right now? The team, lead by superstar Dwyane Wade, walked off the court with the NBA Championship this weekend. And as confetti is swept away and parades are held, people can start focusing on more important things, like getting fit with Wade.

Today he launches his first iPhone app – Dwyane Wade Driven. He appeals to the average Joe, saying he knows not everyone has access to trainers and gyms, so he wants to take care of that for them.

“So it’s kind of like I’m the personal trainer for basketball and fitness and I’ll show them a lot of things I do with my body and for my body,” he said in a story at Yahoo Sports.

dwayne wade ed downs

To the best of our knowledge, the 31-year-old basketball star doesn’t have any fitness credentials, as would a credible personal trainer. That’s why you’ll see him demonstrating the workouts designed by Driven Apps founder and professional trainer Don Saladino, as well as bonus workouts designed by and Wade’s own trainer Ed Downs.

The app is geared to those who workout on their own, at home, or without access to gyms and trainers.

“Learn the drills and moves that got me to the NBA,” says Wade in a flashy preview video.

The Dwyane Wade Driven app will be, most specifically, for those who play basketball and want to improve their game. Fellow NBA player and competitor Kevin Durant has spoken at length about how the training he pursues each summer at his alma mater, the University of Texas, help him deliver his best game during the season. No doubt Wade would agree that his work off the courts is imperative to his performance on the court, which is why he wants to help you improve your fitness while improving your game.

dwayne wade driven app

Video of each workout is complemented by clearly written step-by-step instructions so that you can follow along on your own and get the same powerful workouts. The app tracks the work you’re doing and saves them as assessments so you keep up with your progress and mark successes and pursue bigger goals.

dwayne wade driven

The app description suggests that you start with the All Rookie Bundle, which comes standard with the app download, and includes instruction for shooting, ball handling, phase one fitness, and some bonus content. Then as you improve, download additional skill bundle releases. For instance, the All Star Bundle features dribble penetration, defense, phase two fitness, and more bonus content; the Finals MVP Bundle features finishing, phase three fitness, and more bonus content.

The initial Dwyane Wade Driven app download is $3.99, and the bonus bundles are $1.99 each. At this time it appears only the second upgrade, All Star Bundle, is available for download.

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