Eat Well Everywhere Travel Map Allows for Healthy Summer Road Trips

If you’ve been reading your Facebook or Twitter feed recently, you’ve surely been watching on as the the world prepares for their coveted summer vacations. And if you’re one of those lucky ducks who’s getting ready to set off for some carefree time in the sun, be sure to include the Eat Well Guide when you’re packing for your trip.

The Eat Well Guide is a free, online dictionary that contains more than 250,000 healthy eating options including fresh, locally grown, and even sustainably-produced food in the United States and Canada. Instead of succumbing to a drive-thru while you’re out of town, you can search the best cafes, stores, and even farmers markets near you to find healthy eats where you may be. This little tool will help you avoid making your vacation from work and school a vacation from your healthy eating habits as well.

Beyond the fantastic database of eateries, the Eat Well Guide also offers the Eat Well Everywhere Travel Map, which is available in app-form. This versatile function allows travelers to find healthy options near their driving route wherever they may land.

Users of the app simply enter in where they are in the “start” field, and locations from the database will start popping up indicating where healthy food can be found. If a driver wants to enter in their end location, they can also plot how far off course they might be willing to go to get to a particular restaurant, or to simply see all of the available options when scheduling their trip.

The user can also filter the findings to only show restaurants, or they can have it include all of the options including markets, you-pick farms, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, or basic grocery stores as well.

We think the Eat Well Guide is a great tool as planning for meals ahead of time on a trip can eliminate those last minute fast food stops due to an unfamiliar location. Calorie saving while exploring? Sounds brilliant to us. The Eat Well Everywhere Travel Map will surely make this summer’s vacation guilt-free and completely healthy.

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