Giuliana Rancic’s Fitness Prep to Share the Spotlight With 51 Bikini-Clad Miss USA Beauties

What a tradition!

The annual Miss USA competition happens this weekend, with a few slight changes to make the event a bit more interesting to at-home viewers. The show, which airs live on Sunday, June 8 at 8PM ET on NBC, will last three hours, whereas before it was only two hours long. The idea of adding the extra hour is to allow viewers to get to know the girls a bit more thoroughly before Miss USA is crowned. The other addition to this year’s competition is the interactive hashtag #savethequeen. Throughout the live telecast, viewers can tweet #savethequeen to save their favorite lady’s spot in the finals. Of course, hosts Giuliana Rancic and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts will be sharing the spotlight with the contestants in their roles as commentators of the show.


I was lucky enough to chat with Rancic and Roberts about their personal fitness regimens. The producers obviously picked a duo that could hold their own onstage—even next to 51 beautiful women—but I wondered if they were treating this job a little more seriously than other affairs. 

During our conversation the hosts were charming and humorous, joking about the importance of looking good for the pageant. When I asked Rancic if she had altered her fitness or diet routine to get ready to stand next to 51 women in swimsuits, she joked that she certainly wants to hold her own out there, but that she hasn’t done anything particularly out of the ordinary to prepare. Then she quipped, “I can certainly get a spray tan and try!” Gotta love that attitude!

Roberts added that he plans on showering, putting some gel in his hair, and “brush[ing] my teeth so I have fresh breath for Giuliana.”

It sounds like the 2023 Miss USA contestants are putting a bit more effort into their last-minute fitness, beauty, and nutrition practices.

Rancic, who has previously hosted Miss USA competitions and has her own diet and fitness newsletter, FabFitFun, described how independent and aware of their fitness needs all of the Miss USA gals are. She explained that while there are no on-site trainers available, pretty much all of the contestants “could be the trainers.” Apparently these ladies hit the gym pretty hard in the days leading up to the competition. Although, I guess it’s no surprise that these gals are fitness-focused and self-sufficient in their preparation!

Good luck to all—it will be exciting to see the results!

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