GNU Natural Food Bars Are a Tasty Snack with 12 Grams of Fiber

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a truly healthy granola bar, then you know how difficult finding the perfect bar can be. With so many overly-processed, calorie- and sugar-laden bars on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin. But don’t worry – we’ve made your search a little easier with the introduction of GNU foods natural flavor and fiber bars.

GNU Foods contacted Diets in Review recently to see about reviewing a sample pack of their fiber-packed delicious bars, and we graciously accepted the offer. Just a short time later our package arrived with 16 bars in tow – two of each of their eight unique flavors, including cinnamon raisin, chocolate brownie, blondie, peanut butter and banana walnut.

When it comes to nutrition, GNU bars are trumped by almost none. Each 130-140 calorie bar contains 12 grams of dietary fiber and very little sugar, and are completely free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. And all of the bars except the Blondie are vegan-friendly. In other words, they’re bringing a completely new meaning to the term ‘naturally delicious.’

In addition to passing the bars around our office for sampling, we also let friends and family try them as well and everyone seemed to be generally impressed. The first thing most samplers noticed about the GNU bars was how healthy they were and how much fiber they provided, as 12 whole grams in one bar is almost unheard of.

Everyone was also pleased with the variety of flavors and generally impressed with the taste. The bars were moist and hearty and lacked that overly sweet, candy bar-like flavor. I personally loved the more natural, wholesome taste in each bar I tried and would gladly pick all of them up again for future snacking. But the peanut butter and chocolate brownie were my personal favorites.

If you’re interested in trying out GNU natural snack bars for free, there’s a giveaway going on for an entire box of bars happening over My Little Celebration. Check it out and enter up to four times for your chance to win!

Overall, we were very impressed with GNU bars. We love that the company is committed to healthy, natural foods, and appreciate the wholesome and delicious products they provide. Give them a try for yourself as a healthy snack or meal addition – we’re sure you’ll become a fan, too.

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photos by Dana Shultz

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