Healthy Surprise Delivers a Bounty of Vegan Snacks Each Month

Healthy Surprise is a company that ships out gluten-free, vegan, and raw snacks to the door steps of their subscribers. Founder Joe Winke stumbled upon the idea of sending healthy snacks to people after a friend sent him healthy food in the mail for his birthday. Who knew that making an assortment of healthy snacks and putting them in boxes would be a hit?

The snacks range from nuts to granola bars and cookies. You can find them in larger grocery stores or at your local health food store, and certainly online.

Joe and other “snackologists” try all of the snack items before they are placed in the boxes. Since people are particularly fond of kale, Healthy Surprise tries to send kale snacks every month in the boxes, but the rotation of different snack items changes monthly because they want subscribers to receive a healthy surprise each month!

When ordering Healthy Surprise individuals can choose between four different sizes of boxes. The starter box is the more affordable per month and comes with a shipping fee. Healthy is the company’s medium size box and is the most popular one. There is a large box and super box, which come with free shipping. Individuals who would like to cancel their subscription to Healthy Surprise can cancel at anytime. There is a one-time subscription fee for those who want to send out Healthy Surprise as a gift. 

The box is designed for those who are on the go and want to have a healthy snack at the ready. We’ve all been guilty of being super busy and our last resort is the fast food chain around the corner. Well, if you subscribe to Healthy Surprise there is no need to have an unhealthy snack. Once you have your Healthy Surprise supply, throw a snack or two into your purse, office cubical, or briefcase. When you need a snack, bust out your Healthy Surprise snack and you’re good for a couple of hours. There is no doubt that Healthy Surprise is a box full of good-for-you, guiltless goodies.

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