Jillian Michaels Photo as an Overweight Teen

Image via UsMagazine.com

Even the hottest personal trainer on the planet has battled with her weight.

Jillian Michaels once hit the scales at 175-pounds as a teenager, but it is her past struggle with weight that makes this 5-foot-2 1/2 fitness guru such a successful and inspiring weight loss and health role model.

If you’ve been watching her newest reality series, Losing it with Jillian or have watched just a single episode of the Biggest Loser, it’s easy to see how Jillian can so easily relate to and get through to the overweight souls who use food as a numbing device to get through a painful life experience.

Following her parents divorce at age 12, Michaels put on weight to deal with the emotional onslaught of experiencing such a traumatic life event.

But despite her tough exterior and chiseled muscles, she’s a softy at heart.

“I really don’t have a mean bone in my body! Do you know how easy it would be to tell people what they want to hear? It would be heaven! But, unfortunately, it doesn’t get the job done,” Michaels told Redbook magazine, where she appears on the cover for the July issue of the magazine.

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