Kate Upton Keeps a Curvy Figure with ModelFit and a Smart Diet

If there was ever a time to have a girl crush, now is the time.

Twenty-year-old supermodel, Kate Upton, is gracing the July cover of GQ Magazine looking like quite the temptress in a red, white and blue bikini. And we can’t help but notice how fit, trim and gorgeous she looks, which got us thinking: Just how does this bikini model stay in shape?

We all know a healthy, slim body starts with diet, and Kate definitely has that area of her health finely tuned. The cover girl admits that she has to watch what she eats closely as to not jeopardize her career, sticking to a mostly clean diet with a few indulgences here and there.

Some of her favorite comfort foods include french fries, ice cream and cupcakes, but she stays far from red meat by choice as it’s simply not appealing to her. She also admits that she doesn’t deprive herself, saying “If I’m craving something once a week, then I’ll go have it…I just eat the foods I like.”

As for Kate’s fitness routine, she doesn’t mess around in the gym. She gets whipped into serious shape by her personal trainer Justin Gelband.

One thing we love about Kate’s style is that she embraces what she’s got, and has never gone for the skeletal model look. Gelband shared that Kate’s intent before starting her Sports Illustrated fitness plan was that her curves are sexy and she not only wanted to maintain them, but also share that curvy-girl message with the world. In a culture of stick-thin models being the norm, Kate is definitely breaking some molds and we fully support the idea of having a healthy and feminine physique.

Kate’s fitness routine for her Sports Illustrated cover shoot earlier this year was the ModelFIT program as designed by Gelband. It required workouts five days a week that challenged all parts of the body. Gelband had Kate focus on various circuit training workouts that were constantly changing to keep her body surprised. A typical circuit included a mix of four to five bootcamp style exercises with a 30-second rest in between moves.

Kate also did plenty of stretching exercises with elastic bands to work out large muscle groups like the legs and back, in addition to practicing Pilates, yoga and kickboxing.

Although he pushed her extremely hard, Gelband told Shape Magazine in an recent interview that Kate always put a ‘whole-hearted effort’ into her workouts. “She would put in seven days a week if I let her,” he said. It’s no surprise, then, that Kate has sustained her model figure as she’s more than willing to put in the time and work to get there.

In addition to being named the Sports Illustrated 2024′ Rookie of the Year,’ Upton is also a decorated equestrian, having won five championships even at her ripe, young age of 20. With the active lifestyle she leads and extremely bubbly personality, it’s no wonder she’s grown to become one of our generation’s favorite cover models. And we especially love that she’s about a smart diet and fitness routine and not a quick fix or magic pill to stay healthy. This wise thinking only further solidifies our full-on, Kate Upton girl crush.

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