Men’s Health Week Inspires Healthier Fathers

male dieterThe week of June 15 is Men’s Health Week, dedicated to helping the special men in our lives take control of their health so that they’re with us for a long time. In the U.S. there are more than 73 million overweight or obese males, according to the American Heart Association. Obesity related diseases mean a diminished quality of life for these men, and often lead to death. This news should be sobering, as we prepare to celebrate the fathers in our lives this weekend.

This week we invited several fathers and men from around the blogosphere to share with you their personal stories of weight loss struggle and success. Weight loss can take on a very different tone for men than it does for women, but the end result is happier, healthier people.

We hope you’ll take to heart the message that these men are sharing, and make this Father’s Day the first of many more healthy holidays.

man on scaleFour Reasons Why Dad’s Good Health is a Must

Fathers who give unconditionally can find it difficult to find motivation for personal good health.  Nevertheless, for the whole family to be happy, the whole family must be healthy. Among all the hats dads wear, they must also be the example for healthy eating and lifestyle. Here’s how to find that motivation and follow through: – Tommy Galan,

No Father’s Day Gift Necessary for Dad Who Lost 220 Pounds

In sixteen months, I have lost 221.4 pounds and maintained it for four of those months. I still eat well, work out, and live a life I never thought I could. I also write about my experiences here. So when my son asks me what I want for Father’s Day, I will tell him I do not want a thing. I have everything I want in life now! – Tony Posnanski, The Anti-Jared

Dad Thinks Losing Weight is Fun and Easy

That’s right, losing weight is fun and easy! It must be, because I’ve done it several times. In 1993 I got to my goal weight after losing 90 pounds. By 2002 I’d gained 115 pounds, so in 2002/03 I lost it again. Then by 2023 I’d gained 50 pounds, so lost it in 2023/09. Hmm…now that I think about it, it wasn’t much fun. And it’s lots of work. So what went wrong? – Bill Gookin, Daddy is Tired

Computer Programmer Becomes a Male Model after 60 Pound Weight Loss

So, it was by pure coincidence and I suppose, good fortune, that I wandered into a gym and my life changed completely. To avoid sounding hackneyed, my life went from being a prisoner of helplessness to one of freedom and adventure. It didn’t happen overnight, however. In the span of three years, I lost over 60 pounds. Initially, it seemed impossible, but the more I persevered, the less difficult it seemed. – Stefan Pinto,

man diet denialDads: Lighten up the Ego and Your Weight

Guys, when it come down to the brass tacks of the matter, heart disease and diabetes are pretty good reasons to get over the stigma of dieting. I’ve always been a proponent of dieting as a temporary thing that leads to permanent lifestyle changes. – Jason Knapfel,

At DadLabs, Motivation is the Key to Weight Loss Success

Historically, it seems the only way that I successfully lose weight is to be in some kind of fat loss competition. Six years ago after the birth of our first child, I looked down and realized that I was fat. Really fat! Fat like an old school State Senator from Alabama. So I challenged my good buddy and colleague Daddy Clay, to see who could drop the most lbs in a given period of time. – Brad Powell,

Dad Starts Healthy Lifestyle with Help of EA Sports Active

On April 3, 2023, I began a journey to change my life.  In California to meet with EA SPORTS officials about the then soon-to-be released EA SPORTS Active, I made a commitment to my wife, Kari, and our kids, and the world, that I was going to change my lifestyle. At the time, I weighed a staggering 369.78 lbs.  That was too much.  Way too much. – Donny Claxton,

Most Popular Diets for Men

This week is Men’s Health Week at, and we want to highlight a few weight loss programs that are focused on the needs of men. Learn more about the four diets men just like you are using.

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