Giuliana Rancic Says Miss USA “Absolutely” Promotes a Healthy Body Image

On Sunday, June 16th, Fifty one women will compete for the big sparkly crown and the title of Miss USA at the 62nd Annual Miss USA Competition. Giuliana Rancic, E! News anchor and co-host of the pageant, says she’s ready to roll with the “anything-can-happen” moments and she’s excited for the world to meet all the fabulously fit contestants.

miss usa cropJoining veteran Giuliana (who is hosting for the third year in a row) will be first-timer, Nick Jonas. In addition to emcee duties he’ll also be performing with his band, the Jonas Brothers. Before they take off for final auditions and prep work for the live show in Las Vegas this weekend, Giuliana and Nick took some time this afternoon to talk about the women, the pageant and answer a few questions from the press. We wanted to know if the hosts felt the contest conveyed a positive body image. The answer was a resounding, “absolutely.”

Miss USA is steeped in tradition. It’s one of the few shows that still features classic beauty pageant segments including the talent portion, evening gown and of course, the ever-popular bathing suit competition. While some organizations have nixed the bikinis, including this year’s Miss World because of objection from Muslim groups, Miss USA struts on. We wondered if the scrutiny of being bikini-ready on stage in front of millions of people might result in crash diets or other unsafe methods to drop last minute pounds and inches but Giuliana was adamant about their healthy physiques. “I see these women before the pageant,” she said. “I see them eat and work out and I do think they show a positive body type. Many of them have curves, muscles and definition. You can tell they’ve really just worked hard on their bodies to get them that way.”

The focus may be on the glitz and glam but Giuliana and Nick both insist they’re enamored with the contestants for more than just how great any of them would look in a chic floor-length chiffon gown with side slit and sequin neckline (I’m a fan of the evening gown portion). The women are showcasing important platforms that are very dear to them. Giuliana, who has never shied away from discussing her personal experience with infertility and breast cancer said, “In this contest you can’t just be pretty, there has to be more to you.” Nick also expressed how impressed he was with the women saying, “Their beauty is in their willingness and readiness to help others.”

When Giuliana was asked if she had any advice for Nick on his maiden voyage leading the bevvy of beauties Sunday night she replied, “He’s been on stage before. He’s toured all over. He won’t be nervous.” However, considering they’ll be on live television she also added, “Do your thing, have fun and if something goes wrong, just embrace it.” Sounds like great advice for the contestants too.

The Miss USA pageant will air on Sunday, June 16th 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm EST on NBC

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