Ozzy Osbourne Goes Vegetarian

Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, the biter of bats, has professed his allegiance to… vegetarianism.

As the story goes, in 1982 Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat onstage. There have been misunderstandings about the incidence over the years (Ozzy says he thought it was a fake bat, which was tossed up on the stage), but he still felt the wrath of animal lovers and, well, anyone who thought it wasn’t a good idea to lay your teeth into a potentially rabid animal.

Speaking about his famous bat-biting incident, in context with all of the things that he has survived over the years, Ozzy said “then there was the rabies treatment I had to go through after eating a bat… All I want to say is that I thought it was a rubber toy, swear on my 17 dogs’ lives.”

The devilishly wild rocker now says he has given up meat (even the more conventional kind).

“I’ve pretty much become a vegetarian. Seriously. It’s my new phase: brown rice and vegetables. I don’t even drink milk, apart from a splash in my tea,” says Ozzy. “I also saw that Food, Inc. film the other day, which gives you a new perspective – not just on meat-eating, but on the whole animal-product industry.”

But don’t think he’s ready to join ranks of PETA just yet:

“It ain’t because of the animals. I mean, I used to work in a slaughterhouse. You won’t see me marching over the frozen tundra, hunting down people who club seals. I just can’t digest meat anymore.”

Ozzy, like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, is a bit of a medical miracle. Both have survived horrendous bouts with drug and alcohol abuse.

In a bit of twisted irony, The UK’s Sunday Times Magazine has asked Ozzy to pen a health advice column for the paper.

(Photo via realbollywood.com)

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