Running into the Lucky One: Real Couples Who Fell in Love at the Gym

This week’s FitCrypt is filled with fitness love. No, it is not a story about people falling in love with a particular workout! Instead, it’s about people who’ve met at the gym, a marathon, triathlon, or while exercising.

From personal experience I’ve seen some attractive people at the gym, and there are probably some head turners in your neck of the woods too. People don’t go to the gym for the sole purpose of meeting their future husband or wife. But some people actually happen to bump into their significant other while working on their fitness regimen. The next two stories from Catherine and Rick running into their lucky one give hope that finding your significant other while working out is a likely chance.

Three years ago this month, Catherine met Jason at the 10K on Shelter Island in New York. She first noticed how handsome Jason was, but there was more to him then just his looks that reeled Catherine in.

After speaking to him for just a little while, she saw that he not only mature, but confident as well. Jason started making his way to her heart with his kind ways. Catherine couldn’t help but fall for his great sense of humor. Meeting Lady Coco, Catherine’s dog who adores Jason, was a big test for him because dogs are their owner’s best friend! After dating for a while, Catherine and Jason started a health food company, NY Superfoods, then they were married this past year! We give kudos to the couple who met while running a 10K and started a health food company! There is nothing like a healthy life with someone you love.

Another relationship story is from Rick and Marianne. About 20 years ago, Marianne’s then-boss bought her a gym membership and she met Rick, her personal trainer. Marianne was not shy when it came to asking Rick out. Rick’s and Marianne’s first outing together was to her ex-boyfriend’s roller skating party. The relationship was downplayed in the beginning so Rick didn’t feel uncomfortable, unlike most people who would have found the encounter awkward. Rick and Marianne broke up after a few months of dating, but became close friends. After months of Marianne giving Rick girlfriend advice, Rick realized he was dating the wrong girls because Marianne was the one for him after all. It took some time for the couple to finally realize they couldn’t be without each other. This August Rick and Marianna will be married for 20 years! They have three kids together and run a business as a couple!

Physical activity is known to give great health benefits, but marriage and relationships have health benefits as well. Relationships and marriage encourage healthy behaviors because you have someone who cares for your well-being. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, romantic relationships lower stress hormones. Women in healthy marriages are less likely to develop heart disease. A healthy relationship will most likely lead to a healthy life with someone you can’t live without.

So, the next time you head to the gym or a run, keep your eyes peeled and prepare to possibly close your online dating profile!

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