Split Workout #1: Cardio

treadmillI strongly believe that there are two kinds of workout people, one kind focuses more on cardio while the other focuses on the weights. I have designed a simple split workout routine to help you get the results you have always wanted. Today’s workout focuses on those that struggle with cardio. By splitting your cardio in half, you may help to push past that so called “plateau.”

This is how it works: As soon as you get to the gym, hit the cardio for your normal time (30 minutes), then move to your weight training portion (30 minutes), and then back to do some more cardio (30 minutes). This workout is designed to push you past the limit and to achieve greatness.

I recommend doing total body or partial total body exercises during this style of a routine. Below I have designed for you a chest, back, leg, and ab workout that is geared toward keeping the heart rate up the entire time you are at the gym. Try to focus on super-setting (quickly move from one lift to another) each exercise with the one below it. Keep moving, you can rest when you get home. Try to hit two sets of 25 repetitions. Good Luck!!

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