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Your Ultimate 10 to 1 Workout

Are you searching for a new exercise routine to get motivated again? There are hundreds upon hundreds of different workout routines and the goal is to find one that works for you. Again, I can never emphasize this enough: the exercise routine that works for your friend or spouse may not work for you. Every “body” is different. So, I recommend searching different styles of workouts until you find one that you enjoy and get the best results from.

The 10 to 1 workout (or 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 workout) was designed to target the entire body as a whole while increasing your heart rate, stamina, and improving your cardiovascular endurance level. The exercises below are coupled together and to be completed as a super-set: do one exercise immediately followed by the other starting at ten repetitions and working your way down to one repetition. For example, the first two exercises are reverse pull-ups and squat jumps. Start by performing ten reverse pull-ups followed by ten squats jumps then move immediately to nine, eight, seven and so on of each exercise without stopping. This will blow your heart rate out of the water and get that sweat dripping right off the end of your nose.


Mathue Johnson’s Cardio and Weight Training Workout


Out of all the posts and blogs that I have done, I don’t ever remember discussing my actual workout routine. I used to do cardio before my weight training, but have recently switched the two and have had a great deal of success. This allows me to have more energy and stamina during my weight training portion.

I typically workout five to six days a week for about an hour to an hour and a half at a time. Each day I break down certain muscle groups basically in a push-pull form followed by three to five miles of jogging. This helps me work every large muscle group at least twice a week and has worked for me for several years now. (more…)

Split Workout #2: Weight Training

woman lifting weightsThe first split workout routine covered cardiovascular training and a chest, back, leg, and ab workout. Today’s focus is geared toward those who are struggling with the weights rather than the cardio.

As soon as you get to the gym go immediately into your upper body weight training routine (15-20 minutes), followed by cardio (30-60 minutes), and then to your lower body weight training routine (15-20 minutes).

I have put together an upper body and lower body workout for you below. Focus on moving from one exercise to another while trying to keep the heart rate up. I recommend performing two sets of 25 repetitions. Good luck!! (more…)

Split Workout #1: Cardio

treadmillI strongly believe that there are two kinds of workout people, one kind focuses more on cardio while the other focuses on the weights. I have designed a simple split workout routine to help you get the results you have always wanted. Today’s workout focuses on those that struggle with cardio. By splitting your cardio in half, you may help to push past that so called “plateau.”

This is how it works: As soon as you get to the gym, hit the cardio for your normal time (30 minutes), then move to your weight training portion (30 minutes), and then back to do some more cardio (30 minutes). This workout is designed to push you past the limit and to achieve greatness. (more…)

Get Legs of Gold with This Workout

sexy legsToday, the focus is on the lower body and best exercises for each major muscle group. Toning the legs is a must and a combination of cardio and weights is the best way to accomplish this. I have put together a list of exercises in a super-set style that will tone and tighten the muscles of your lower body. I recommend hitting an hour of cardio either before or after the weight training program listed below. Two or three sets of twenty repetitions is recommended as well. (more…)

Top 5 Super-Set Exercises

Today, I am going to focus on a few lower body super-set exercises that you can do while performing an upper body workout. Most people perform one set and rest and then continue with the next set. I want to add a little more spice to that. Depending on your goal, these super-set exercises will help increase the heart rate and will improve your endurance and stamina.

For example: while performing a chest press movement, add a stationary or walking lunge exercise immediately after performing the chest press and then slightly rest before continuing with the next set. This will keep the blood flowing throughout the entire body and notice a substantial amount of results in less time.

Another example would be: while performing a lat pull-down, add a jump rope exercise immediately after performing the lat pull-down and then slightly rest before continuing with the next set. I recommend performing 10 to 20 repetitions of these super-set exercises. Below I am going to name the top exercises and then put them into a workout format that you can follow. (more…)