Top 5 Super-Set Exercises

Today, I am going to focus on a few lower body super-set exercises that you can do while performing an upper body workout. Most people perform one set and rest and then continue with the next set. I want to add a little more spice to that. Depending on your goal, these super-set exercises will help increase the heart rate and will improve your endurance and stamina.

For example: while performing a chest press movement, add a stationary or walking lunge exercise immediately after performing the chest press and then slightly rest before continuing with the next set. This will keep the blood flowing throughout the entire body and notice a substantial amount of results in less time.

Another example would be: while performing a lat pull-down, add a jump rope exercise immediately after performing the lat pull-down and then slightly rest before continuing with the next set. I recommend performing 10 to 20 repetitions of these super-set exercises. Below I am going to name the top exercises and then put them into a workout format that you can follow.

Top 5 Super-Set Exercises


Bench Squats (touch bottom to bench and then stand)

Jump Rope

Jumping Jacks

Step-Ups (No weight)


Chest Press (3×20)

Lunge (3×10)

Lat Pull-Down (3×20)

Bench Squat (3×15)

Triceps Extension (3×20)

Jump Rope (3×50)

Biceps Curl (3×20)

Jumping Jacks (3×25)

Shoulder Press (3×20)

Step-Up (3×12)

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2 Responses to Top 5 Super-Set Exercises

claudia says:

I love doing combos…they really work and give me a great workout! Great tip!!

Matt says:

Yes, combination lifts and super-sets are great exercise tools and really get the body fired up for toning and fat loss.

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