The Fast Food Habits of Men

Ladies, we men are pretty easy to figure out. Most of us enjoy sports, think about sex a lot, love grilling meat and drinking brews on the weekend, and then thinking about sex some more.

If I’m to take a new survey of men’s fast food eating habits to heart, I’d say we are pretty predictable in that department as well. Market research company Lab42 conducted an online survey of 18- to 35-year-old men via social networks, all of whom admitted to frequenting fast food joints. Here is some of what they found out:

  • McDonald’s is at the top of the heap, with 90 percent of the men saying they went there at least once in the past month.
  • When asked about how often they frequented fast food restaurants in the last three months and grouping them together by weight, get ready for this, skinny men went the least, the majority saying less than three times (same with the “fit” men). While the same majority (47 percent) of heavy men say they went less than three times, the number who say they went at least seven times nearly doubles the fit men at nine percent. Twenty-one percent of overweight men said they went at least seven times.
  • The majority of men “mix and match” meal items, just slightly edging out those who get value meals.
  • McDonald’s french fries are the overwhelming favorite at 56 percent of men surveyed (Wendy’s was a distant second with 24 percent).
  • Most interesting statistic: 60 percent of men go to McDonald’s just to get fries or a drink.
  • Least interesting statistic: most men get two hot sauce packets at Taco Bell… more interesting is that 19 percent get five or more.
  • Least surprising statistic: Most men (62 percent) prefer KFC crispy chicken over the grilled.

(via: Consumerist)

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