The Social Media Diet Can Help You Manage Your Weight Loss

By Team Best Life

Support is a huge part of the formula for weight loss success. Study after study* shows that people who have support fare better than those who go solo. But does electronic support—in the form of social media—count? Studies say it does. Learn how to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter to help meet your weight loss goals.


Post your trials… Eaten too much today? A Facebook group can be a safe place to share a small fall off the wagon—and get motivation from others who are losing weight.

… and Victories. Have you come up with a great snack option that helps curb your appetite for the less healthy stuff? Tweet it to those who can use it—you’ll feel great to be able to share. (Use hashtag #weightloss for a good start.)

Connect with apps. Most exercise- and diet-tracking apps connect easily with both Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your exercise routine as well as your daily food intake—and be inspired by others’ entries.

Share recipes. Got a great ingredient that you’re not sure how to use? Take to Twitter and Facebook to find a tried-and-true recipe a fellow weight-loss partner will vouch for. Likewise, when you create or come across a share-worthy recipe, you can pass it along to all of your virtual pals.

Look for leaders. Plenty of weight-loss counselors are on Twitter solely for the purpose of offering motivation. Find a few to follow and check in with their tweets regularly.

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