The Worst Gym Goer Habits that Grind Your Gears

Gyms are where a majority of people go to work on their health and fitness. They’re supposed to be a place where you go to release stress and the only person you really have to worry about is yourself. Though, sometimes when you are at the gym you can’t help but watch other people, and they can’t help but put themselves right in your line of sight.

For this week’s FitCrypt, I asked “What are annoying habits you see at your local gym?” I received an flood of emails from people telling me their stories about annoying gym habits.

The number one annoying gym habit is men making loud obnoxious grunting noises. If you’re in the weight room with even a couple of other guys, then chances are you’ve heard the loud grunting noises right before a guy is about to lift 150 pounds over his bench limit. Its like he is making a mating call to get everyone’s attention directed toward him.

You guys also called out the following as some of the most annoying gym habits:

  • Failing to wipe sweat off machines
  • Using gym equipment as furniture
  • Not changing weights after using a machine
  • Talking/texting on the phone during a workout
  • Bringing a phone into yoga classes
  • Spitting into water fountains
  • Wearing jeans, cargo shorts, street shoes while working out
  • Saving a machine for a friend

I thought I’ve seen the most ridiculous things at the gym, but Diana Solomon told me about her run in with a man she found pretty displeasing at a gym. Diana’s former gym had a “quiet room” for people to stretch, meditate, and to get away from the noisy machines. One day, she saw a man wearing nothing but a Speedo in the quiet room. There was a large sign in the room that posted a list of the required attire. Diana went to the front desk and told them about her findings, they asked the man to leave. Before the man left, he gave some nasty words to Diana telling her to “get a life!” Hopefully that annoyance gave Diana some anger to take out at the new gym she joined after the mishap at her old gym.

I’ve been guilty of committing annoying gym habits a time or two. Seeing annoying gym habits in action make you question some gym goers, but you should only worry about yourself when working out.

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