Wally Bishop Lost Over 200 Pounds When He Said NO to Yo-Yo Dieting

This Sunday, if Wally Bishop goes out to dinner with his three children to celebrate Father’s Day, he won’t be nervous about whether the restaurant will have adequate seating for him, something he used to worry about on a regular basis. After losing over 200 pounds, Wally can just sit back and enjoy the time with his family. He might even save room for dessert.

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If you live in South Carolina you’ve probably passed Wally and his lovely wife on their bikes as they peddle around town. Wally describes himself as an avid cyclist but says there was a time when even walking down the block was a challenge. Like many people, Wally was healthy and active until he graduated high school but then slowly the stress of his job and life in general, coupled with poor diet choices and not enough activity caused the pounds to slowly creep on. To make matters worse, whenever Wally would try to diet, he ended up gaining back more weight than he lost. He wanted to change but yo-yo dieting was sabotaging his efforts. Finally, he came to the conclusion that focusing on the scale was actually part of his problem. That’s when he switched gears.

When asked about his diet methods Wally replied, “I learned not to diet but how to eat and live life in a healthy way. Excessive weight is just a symptom of living unhealthy.” Wally started slow, no gimmicks or “diet-minded” thinking. He simply reverted back to the old weight loss adage, “Eat less, move more.” He gradually gave up  junk food and began eating a mostly plant-based diet. For exercise, he started with walking and was elated the first time he could walk one mile without stopping. After a year, when he felt healthier and stronger, he kicked up his regimen with weight lifting and circuit training.

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Today, Wally is no longer diabetic and enjoys buying clothes off the rack, an elation he says people cannot appreciate unless they’ve been, “very obese.” He’s also happy to play ball and wrestle with his six grandchildren for much longer than he ever could before. Since his transformation, Wally is focused on helping others achieve their own success, saying, “I became so passionate about nutrition and health while experiencing my life change that I went back to school and became a Certified Nutritional and Wellness Consultant.” He also wrote a book titled, Maximize Your Life – Renew Your Mind Body and Spirit.

Wally’s final piece of advice, “Permanent weight loss is not about deprivation or excluding something from your diet. It’s about what you do most consistently. This isn’t difficult. It’s simply patience, knowledge and follow-through.”

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