Weight Loss News in Review – Week of June 20

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Win a Workout with Tracy Anderson, Support the Gulf

You can win three personal workout sessions plus a consultation with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who has spent her career helping the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston sculpt their fit, healthy and enviable bodies.

Stephen Rice’s True Weight Loss Story: Down an Amazing 120 Pounds

Check out the amazing weight loss story of 16-year-old Stephen Rice. Inspired by his older brother’s dramatic weight loss, Stephen created an inspiring story of his own.

Will Dora Help Your Child Eat Better?

Slap a picture of a cartoon character on a food item and your child will eat more of it. That’s a fact that frustrated parents have dealt with for a ling time. Now there is scientific proof.

Biggest Loser Casting Tips with Holland Striplin

Everyone wants to know what they can do to make it all the way to the Biggest Loser ranch. There’s no one better to get those answers from than Holland Striplin, the casting director for Biggest Loser since season five.

Jonah Hill Avoids ‘Fat Actor’ Cliches

Jonah Hill is making a big splash with his role in this Summer’s “Get Him to the Greek.” But what does his career path say about overweight actors?

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