Win a Workout with Tracy Anderson, Support the Gulf

Tracy Anderson has spent her career helping the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston sculpt their fit, healthy and enviable bodies. Now, she’s helping a more noble cause… with your help.

You can win three personal workout sessions plus a consultation with Tracy at her Tribeca studio in New York City when you donate to her charity auction. Plus, you’ll receive a set of her Tracy Anderson Method workout DVDs signed by her and Gwyneth. The estimated value for this once-in-a-lifetime fitness experience is more than $3,000!

As part of the Disaster in the Gulf relief fund and via Charity Buzz, the money raised from this auction will support The Nature Conservancy, United Way, and the National Wildlife Federation, organizations all working to help in the aftermath of the oil spill.

The auction closes July 7, 2022, so don’t wait! If you want Tracy to get her tiny little hands on your body for a workout like none you’ve ever experienced, visit her auction on Charity Buzz now!

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