50 Biggest Losers Taking on San Francisco Triathlon

One side of the Biggest Loser that we never get to see is life after the contestants leave the ranch. Overall, they each go on to lead healthy, active lifestyles. They also have a very tightly-knit alumni community. From this, the contestants have support from the few people who truly know what the experience was like during and after, they create life-long friendships, and it gives them running buddies.

But not ordinary running buddies, like having someone to jog around the block with. No, these individuals take on endurance races together. This weekend, they’re headed out to the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island.

More than fifty Biggest Loser contestants are decending upon the annual event, taking place July 9-11. Individuals representing seasons one through nine will be in attendance participating in either the triathlon, 5K or 10K events.

Running side-by-side with the San Francisco community will be these Biggest Losers:

Season 1: Lisa Andreone

Season 2: Matt and Suzy Hoover, Pete Thomas

Season 3: Chris Blackburn, Kevin Theis

Season 4: Hollie Self, Jerry Lisenby, Bryan Andretti

Season 5: Jay Kruger, Mark Kruger, Neill Harmer

Season 6: Vicky Vilcan, Brady Vilcan, Stacey Capers, Tom Desrochers, Coleen Skeabeck, Heba Salama, Ed Brantley

Season 7: Sione Fa, Nicole Brewer, Tara Costa, Dane Patterson, Blaine Cotter, Carla Triplett, Damien Gurganious

Season 8: Shay Sorrells, Tracey Yukich, Rebecca Meyer, Julio Gomez, Daniel Wright, Antoine Dove, and Alexandra White

Season 9: Michael Ventrella, Maria Ventrella, Daris George, Cheryl George, Ashley Johnston, Sherry Johnston, Cherita Andrews, Victoria Andrews, O’Neal Hampton, Sunshine Hampton, Sam Poueu, Koli Palu, Stephanie Anderson, Patti Anderson, Andrea Hough, Darrell Hough, Migdalia “Miggy” Cancel

Each of these individuals are living proof that change can be made, goals can be achieved, and best of all, it can all be maintained. It wasn’t without hard work at the ranch, and it continues to be hard work for many in the day-to-day. None of them have ever given up on themselves or one another. And they’ll prove that once again as they all meet at the starting line!

This is the second year in a row a group of Biggest Losers has competed in this event. Watch this video from the 2024 San Francisco Triathlon.

Images from 2024 event courtesy of Heba Salama

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