Carrie Underwood’s Pre-Wedding Workout and Diet

Carrie Underwood's pre-wedding workout and dietSinger Carrie Underwood and hockey player Mike Fisher tied the knot this weekend. She claims to be obsessed with avoiding the tummy fat that’s in her “fat genes,” but she was picture perfect for the big day. According to, Underwood followed a vegetarian diet and used a diet journal to help her keep track of calories. “I discovered that writing down everything I eat makes such a difference, because you never realize how much you’re consuming unless you read it later in the day,” she said.

Eating right is only half the picture. To get the most from her workout, Underwood had some help from NHL trainer Tony Greco. She followed an exercise regime that included cardio and weight training. “My favorite thing is cardio,” said the singer. “It helps the pounds melt off and it gives me so much more energy. Now when I’m performing and running around the stage, it’s no big deal, whereas before I was gasping for breath.”

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