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Diet Tips from the Stars

Jennifer AnistonHow do celebrities stay looking so great all the time? Part of it is genetics, but part of it is just staying dedicated to healthy eating and regular workouts. Here are some great tips on losing weight from your favorite celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston

“I do some cardio for at least 20 minutes a day,” says Aniston. “Even that short burst  makes a difference.” She also says that white peaches are her favorite healthy snack.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo does an occasional cleanse. “I don’t recommend it all the time,” she says. “But if you do a balanced one…you can lose some poundage fast.”


Best Celebrity Bodies of 2024: From Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss to Kate Gosselin’s Winning Mom Abs

Fitness magazine just released its list of the best celebrity bodies of 2024. Just as a warning: This is probably not the article you want to be reading after polishing off the last three slices of the holiday pecan pie.

kate middleton

Pie or no pie, having a perfect body is part of the celebrity’s job responsibility – or so it all too often seems.

The good news about this list is that Fitness Magazine drew from a variety of body shapes and sizes when selecting their contenders. So, without further adieu, here is the best celebrity bodies of 2024 list. (more…)

We Love Quorn’s New Vegetarian Burgers

Quorn, the top-selling frozen meat-free natural food brand, introduced two new burgers- the Classic Burgers and Cheese Burgers- to their expanding line of meat-free eats.

Just like all Quorn products, these vegetarian burgers are made with mycoprotein, a blend of antioxidant-rich and protein-packed fungi. Mycoprotein is also completely soy-free and contains all nine essential amino acids. While it may sound a bit strange to eat a veggie burger made out of different kinds of fungi, keep in mind that because of their meaty texture, mushrooms, especially portabellos, make great alternatives to beef or poultry. In fact, singer Carrie Underwood, a longtime vegetarian, regularly eats Quorn’s cutlets as a meat-free, healthy and low-calorie protein source. (more…)

Carrie Underwood’s Pre-Wedding Workout and Diet

Carrie Underwood's pre-wedding workout and dietSinger Carrie Underwood and hockey player Mike Fisher tied the knot this weekend. She claims to be obsessed with avoiding the tummy fat that’s in her “fat genes,” but she was picture perfect for the big day. According to celebritydietdoctor.com, Underwood followed a vegetarian diet and used a diet journal to help her keep track of calories. “I discovered that writing down everything I eat makes such a difference, because you never realize how much you’re consuming unless you read it later in the day,” she said.

Eating right is only half the picture. To get the most from her workout, Underwood had some help from NHL trainer Tony Greco. She followed an exercise regime that included cardio and weight training. “My favorite thing is cardio,” said the singer. “It helps the pounds melt off and it gives me so much more energy. Now when I’m performing and running around the stage, it’s no big deal, whereas before I was gasping for breath.”

Diet Secrets of Katie, Tori and Carrie

katie holmes dietHollywood’s elite may have the money to hire personal trainers and chefs and buy the best exercise equipment, but when it comes to losing weight, the responsibility for putting all of these tools into action is theirs and theirs alone.

Our fascination with how they do it (and why we struggle so much) has inspired us to take a close look into their personal lives to motivate us as we strive to reach and maintain our weight loss goals. So here is a snapshot of a few of Hollywood’s most successful dieters and what helped them shape up and slim down.

Katie Holmes: Mrs. Cruise has always been in amazing shape, but after giving birth to daughter, Suri, Katie was ready to get back to her pre-pregnancy bod and look great for her wedding. She took up running in order to shed those post-baby pounds and not only did it pay off but her passion for running inspired her to run and complete the New York City marathon in 2024. (more…)