Diet Secrets of Katie, Tori and Carrie

katie holmes dietHollywood’s elite may have the money to hire personal trainers and chefs and buy the best exercise equipment, but when it comes to losing weight, the responsibility for putting all of these tools into action is theirs and theirs alone.

Our fascination with how they do it (and why we struggle so much) has inspired us to take a close look into their personal lives to motivate us as we strive to reach and maintain our weight loss goals. So here is a snapshot of a few of Hollywood’s most successful dieters and what helped them shape up and slim down.

Katie Holmes: Mrs. Cruise has always been in amazing shape, but after giving birth to daughter, Suri, Katie was ready to get back to her pre-pregnancy bod and look great for her wedding. She took up running in order to shed those post-baby pounds and not only did it pay off but her passion for running inspired her to run and complete the New York City marathon in 2024.

tori spelling dietTori Spelling: This former 90210 diva, who is now the mother of two children, knows a thing or two about the pressure to be thin in Hollywood. In order to lose weight after pregnancy, Tori signed up for NutriSystem, the meal-delivery program that prepares portion and calorie-controlled meals for you so that all you have to do is unwrap, heat and eat! It helped her shed the baby pounds while also giving her the energy to run after her two young ones.

carrie underwood dietCarrie Underwood: Her career isn’t the only thing that has undergone a massive transformation in the past three years, her body has also. After winning American Idol, this vegetarian veteran, dropped a few dress sizes with intense cardio sessions and keeping a daily food diary. She still practices these same two tools today, which she now credits to helping her maintain her gorgeous and fit shape.

Here are more diet profiles on some of Hollywoods most svelte and healthy bodies.

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