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5 Easy Homemade Dinners Even Katie Holmes Can Cook

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The world has watched either in awe or in horror as Katie Holmes and six-year-old daughter Suri eat their way through restaurants of every genre and price point. While she and her daughter have private chauffeurs and don the cover of tabloid magazines, the duo aren’t unlike many Americans. Katie is a newly divorced mom with a hectic career and a daughter she dotes on. While Katie can seemingly give young Suri anything she wants, a home cooked meal isn’t one of them.

“I’m a terrible cook,” she told Us Weekly. That would explain the revolving door of restaurant excursions for the new New Yorkers. Katie paints a devastating picture of piles of pans and burned food that would make anyone want to grab a take-out menu. But maybe Katie, and a lot of moms like her who also feel overwhelmed with this domestic duty, should take a step back, breathe, and get a little help.

Cooking doesn’t have to be overwhelming, hard, or tragic. With a few simple ingredients, a little patience with yourself, and some thoughtful planning, there isn’t any reason you can’t make one of these easy dinners in your home. We think Katie could pull these dishes off too if she wanted to. Besides, she could enlist Suri to help for one more mother-daughter bonding moment.

Provencal Beef Stew

It might sound fancy, but it’s perfect for novice cooks thanks to the slow cooker. With this tool the meal practically cooks itself. You do some minor chopping of lean beef, onions, mushrooms, and carrots, and use some basic herbs and spices from your pantry. When you return six hours later you’ll find a ready-to-eat meal. (more…)

Katie Holmes Stays Trim by Mixing Up Her Workout

H. Stern Jewelery PhotoshootActress Katie Holmes has stirred up the press by showing a lot of skin in her latest photo shoot for H. Stern jewelry. In recent years, Holmes has been criticized for being underweight and has been rumored to have done the controversial “Purification Rundown” that’s recommended by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. However, the actress appears to be looking quite heathy, although the image surely has some level of digital correction.

Holmes is known as an avid runner, who completed the New York City Marathon in 2024. In addition to running, she’s also been spotted getting in a spin session at SoulCycle, a New York city club favored by a number of celebs, or taking dance classes in L.A. Trying out different classes and workouts is a great way to avoid injuries, and keep things from getting boring.


Heart Centered Manduka Yoga Company Does More Than Attract the Rich and Famous

The Manduka Black Mat Pro, which retails for $94, is known not only for its high standards of performance and comfort (not unlike a BMW or Jaguar) but also because it is the preferred mat and mat company of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, LeAnn Rimes, Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes.

However, just as we are not the clothes we wear, the car we drive or the size of the house we call home, we cannot and will not be stereotyped by what kind of yoga mat we use, it’s just not the way we yogis roll. But this particular mat has had people awestruck for over a decade.

Designed by Peter Sterios, architect turned yogi and the founder of Manduka, this unique and best selling mat not only offers the ultimate in support, it is eco friendly and non-toxic. Built to last a lifetime, the Manduka Black Mat Pro has flaunted other colors, each for a limited time only. Black, the standard color, expresses this company’s commitment, not in making a status symbol or a fashion statement, but rather in creating enduring and timeless products.


Photos of Suri Cruise Eating Sweets Spark Rumors of Unhealthy Diet

A picture may say a thousand words, but it doesn’t always tell the truth. Katie Holmes has come under quite a bit a criticism due to some pictures of her daughter at a New York treat shop. Tabloids have been making numerous slams regarding Suri’s diet and Katie’s responsibility as a parent. Holmes’ has rebuked the headlines and not let the buzz effect her parenting.icecream

Paparazzi recently snapped shots of little Suri Cruise in the famous Serendipity 3, a New York Dessert hot spot. Suri was in the shop late with her mother, Katie Holmes. The various shots caught the child with candy and getting ice cream. Of course the media had a hay day. The images led to alluded facts claiming the child has an unhealthy diet full of sweets and treats. Holmes, surely irritated, was quoted stating, “she’s fine, thank you.”

All of this celeb hub-bub about the young daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is almost simultaneous with other tabloid accusations that the child will surely be put on a rigid Scientology-based diet. According to a recent article about the Church of Scientology, at age five, children are required to embrace a low fat and sweets free diet. As Suri is now at that age, the gossip media has more than they can handle.


Katie Holmes’ Scientology Detox Diet Raises Concerns

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Katie Homes at a recent Glamour Magazine photo shoot.

After a recent dinner at Hollywood’s El Sole with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and John Lithgow, concerns have grown over Katie’s appearance. Onlookers described her as “super skinny,” “gaunt,” and “miserable.” Maybe it was the company? Or, other gossip hounds suggest Katie is on an extreme Scientology detox diet to prepare her for pregnancy.

The diet is called the “Purification Rundown,” and it is highly controversial. It involves a regimented mix of exercise, supplements in the form of Vitamin B3 (Niacin), a drink called “CalMag” consisting of calcium, magnesium and cider vinegar, and trips to the sauna five days a week for up to five hours. One source told The Insider, “sometimes it makes her lethargic. Tom’s encouraging her to stick to the diet because they are hoping to conceive baby number two.”

The Purification Rundown detox diet is further explained in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind, written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Diet Secrets of Katie, Tori and Carrie

katie holmes dietHollywood’s elite may have the money to hire personal trainers and chefs and buy the best exercise equipment, but when it comes to losing weight, the responsibility for putting all of these tools into action is theirs and theirs alone.

Our fascination with how they do it (and why we struggle so much) has inspired us to take a close look into their personal lives to motivate us as we strive to reach and maintain our weight loss goals. So here is a snapshot of a few of Hollywood’s most successful dieters and what helped them shape up and slim down.

Katie Holmes: Mrs. Cruise has always been in amazing shape, but after giving birth to daughter, Suri, Katie was ready to get back to her pre-pregnancy bod and look great for her wedding. She took up running in order to shed those post-baby pounds and not only did it pay off but her passion for running inspired her to run and complete the New York City marathon in 2024. (more…)