Katie Holmes Stays Trim by Mixing Up Her Workout

H. Stern Jewelery PhotoshootActress Katie Holmes has stirred up the press by showing a lot of skin in her latest photo shoot for H. Stern jewelry. In recent years, Holmes has been criticized for being underweight and has been rumored to have done the controversial “Purification Rundown” that’s recommended by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. However, the actress appears to be looking quite heathy, although the image surely has some level of digital correction.

Holmes is known as an avid runner, who completed the New York City Marathon in 2024. In addition to running, she’s also been spotted getting in a spin session at SoulCycle, a New York city club favored by a number of celebs, or taking dance classes in L.A. Trying out different classes and workouts is a great way to avoid injuries, and keep things from getting boring.

In terms of eating, the actress has been said to favor a raw diet, which is rich in fiber and vitamins but low in calories, possibly much too low. When not eating all raw, Holmes sticks to a low-carb, high-protein diet, and has been spotted in L.A. restaurants ordering an iceberg wedge and a lean cut of steak.

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