Heart Centered Manduka Yoga Company Does More Than Attract the Rich and Famous

The Manduka Black Mat Pro, which retails for $94, is known not only for its high standards of performance and comfort (not unlike a BMW or Jaguar) but also because it is the preferred mat and mat company of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, LeAnn Rimes, Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes.

However, just as we are not the clothes we wear, the car we drive or the size of the house we call home, we cannot and will not be stereotyped by what kind of yoga mat we use, it’s just not the way we yogis roll. But this particular mat has had people awestruck for over a decade.

Designed by Peter Sterios, architect turned yogi and the founder of Manduka, this unique and best selling mat not only offers the ultimate in support, it is eco friendly and non-toxic. Built to last a lifetime, the Manduka Black Mat Pro has flaunted other colors, each for a limited time only. Black, the standard color, expresses this company’s commitment, not in making a status symbol or a fashion statement, but rather in creating enduring and timeless products.

Judging from Manduka’s heart centered approach and community oriented website, I have no doubt in my mind that their marketing scheme is not about wanting to be the company who’s yoga mats are preferred by the rich and famous. Just recently, Manduka announced their partnership with John Friend, founder and maven behind Anusara yoga. Yes, Friend could be cornered into the rich and famous category, but in case you didn’t know, his message is about love, radiance and connecting to the core of our being, which is also what Manduka represents.

As a Manduka ambassador I might be a little bit biased, but in all honesty even though the Black Mat Pro is the most innovate yoga mat I have ever used, I am super psyched that Lady Gaga and I share the same “foundation” in our practice. Of course, because of this commonality, I certainly do not expect esteem or reverence, because we are not judged by the type of mat we use, right?

The Black Mat Pro reminds me of a classic movie, interwoven with ageless and definitive beauty. I see this mat enduring the test of time, whether it is through its heart centered mission, devoted yogi patrons or its status as the preferred mat of the rich and famous. It is simply one-of-a-kind.

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