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Alyssa Milano: Fat-shaming’s First Victim in 2024

Since 2024, the victims of fat-shaming—people who are told their size had a negative impact on their character and worth—have increasingly fought back. And, they’ve generally come out ahead of their hecklers. Lady Gaga took to Twitter in 2024 and news anchor Jennifer Livingston went on the air; even New Jersey governor Chris Christie got caught in some crossfire about his weight, which eventually stopped when he said the comments were scaring his son.

We’re not even a full week into January, but already it looks like 2024 will only continue the trend of fighting back with bigger and bigger names—in this case Alyssa Milano—responding to insensitive and undeserved criticism.

Alyssa Milano

This story actually starts in 2024: In early December, actress Milano and comedian Jay Mohr attend the same black-tie event. A little Hollywood hobnobbing took place, as happens at these affairs. Then, seemingly unprompted, Mohr used part his next podcast episode to make fun of Milano for “letting herself go” after having a baby.


HealthBuzz September 28: Lady Gaga Reacts to Fat Comments, Fitness App Buyer Beware, and Pumpkin Inspired Recipes

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Now, dig in to the top stories for this week…

Lady Gaga Poses Nearly Nude to Fight Against Media Fat Comments

Fame, fortune, and being a pop-culture icon is awesome, right? Lady Gaga must have it all. But, she has been scrutinized by the media for her recent weight gain. Usually, celebrities do no like to comment about their weight gains or losses. However, Lady Gaga took pictures of herself nearly naked to show the world that she has a perfectly normal body.

Cows Being Fed Gummy Worms: The Health Consequences

We’ve all heard of the horrible things large cattle operations do to fatten cows up, like feeding cows corn knowing they can’t digest it. Now, dairy farms on a budget are feeding cows candy. Candy is bad enough for human bodies, what does it do to a cow’s body? Find out the health consequences of eating a candy-fed cow. (more…)

Lady Gaga Poses Nearly Nude to Fight Against Media Fat Comments

Lady Gaga’s recent 25-30 pound weight gain is easily noticeable on her small frame of 5’1″. With no surprise, it’s got the media riled up. The weird part is many of you never would have noticed if it wasn’t for the media’s harsh and criticizing remarks.

Now we all know Lady Gaga isn’t one to just sit there and take a hit without some sort of response, especially on such a topic like this. The pop star fought back with no hesitation by posting photos of herself wearing nothing but her yoga bra and panties. The photo’s caption admits to her weight struggles by saying, “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”

Her new site called Little Monsters just launched yesterday and has aided her constructive response to the media. The site is meant to encourage anyone and everyone to post photos of their bodies in order to let go of their own insecurities, no matter what they may be. Scars, fat, disorders, diseases..anything. Lady Gaga has been a huge encouragement to people all over the world who have low self-esteem for their bodies. It seems she’s found yet another way to encourage her fans to love who they are, inside and out. (more…)

Nutritionist Joy Bauer Debuts “Joy’s Healthy Bite” on TODAY

America’s favorite nutritionist Joy Bauer, earned a little more air time this week. The star debuted a new segment on the TODAY Show this morning called “Joy’s Healthy Bite,” in which she covers the latest buzz in the health world including food trends, research findings and celebrity diets. 

We tuned in for today’s segment where Joy touted the health benefits of two of her favorite foods: Greek yogurt and avocados.

Joy reported that last week, the American Heart Association presented a study that showed people who regularly eat yogurt even just two to three times per week, are able to significantly reduce their risk for getting high blood pressure.

Not just any yogurt does the trick, Joy warns. Don’t pick yogurts that are high in fat and sugar. Instead look for those that are non- or low-fat, and then add your own sweeteners – about 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey – and a little fruit if you prefer. If you’re partial to buying flavors, Joy recommends checking the label to make sure there’s no more than 20 grams of sugar per serving.  (more…)

Heart Centered Manduka Yoga Company Does More Than Attract the Rich and Famous

The Manduka Black Mat Pro, which retails for $94, is known not only for its high standards of performance and comfort (not unlike a BMW or Jaguar) but also because it is the preferred mat and mat company of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, LeAnn Rimes, Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes.

However, just as we are not the clothes we wear, the car we drive or the size of the house we call home, we cannot and will not be stereotyped by what kind of yoga mat we use, it’s just not the way we yogis roll. But this particular mat has had people awestruck for over a decade.

Designed by Peter Sterios, architect turned yogi and the founder of Manduka, this unique and best selling mat not only offers the ultimate in support, it is eco friendly and non-toxic. Built to last a lifetime, the Manduka Black Mat Pro has flaunted other colors, each for a limited time only. Black, the standard color, expresses this company’s commitment, not in making a status symbol or a fashion statement, but rather in creating enduring and timeless products.


Lady Gaga Doesn’t Do the Baby Food Diet and Neither Should You

lady gaga with babyfood over her faceLast spring, the British tabloid Heat wrote that Lady Gaga “has embarked on a dangerous ‘baby food diet’ in a bid to stay slim.” The rumor was quickly squashed by Gossip Cop, who confirmed with one of the star’s reps that it’s “not true.” Other celebrities reported to have done the diet include Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, but we have yet to see any confirmation of these rumors.

Nonetheless, the “Goo Diet,” created by Madonna’s trainer Tracy Anderson, is seeing a resurgence as bathing suit season hits. The Daily Mail reported that baby food sales have spiked by 20 percent in the UK. The basic idea is that you substitute jars of baby food for solid meals. One version recommends eating 14 jars per day, and another plan recommends adding a healthy dinner at the end of the day.

While some claim that you can lose as much as 20 pounds in six weeks on this diet, health experts say the fad diet is far from healthy.


Harley Pasternak’s Fitness Background

Harley Pasternak is a Canadian personal trainer, author, and public speaker. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. and is possibly best known for his popular diet and fitness book, the 5-Factor Diet.

The 5-Factor Diet was originally only intended for use amongst celebrities. Some of the first clients to reap the benefits on this diet and fitness plan included Jessica Simpson, Kanye West, John Mayer, and Alicia Keys. Today, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus are also avid fans. The 5-Factor Diet is easy to do, doesn’t require lots of equipment, and does not take a long time (only 25 minutes of exercise each day). The 5-Factor Diet also has received great reviews from DietsInReview fans: 100 percent who have tried this diet liked it.


Lady Gaga’s Tour Drink of Choice? Neuro Trim

Lady Gaga Uses NeuroTrimLady Gaga has reportedly ordered crate loads of Neuro Trim, says the Mirror UK. Apparently, the over-the-top pop star had been using the stuff to curb her appetite during her international “Monsters Ball” tour.

Neuro Trim is a low-calorie diet supplement that contains green tea extracts and resveratrol, which supposedly has anti-aging properties. The makers of Neuro Trim claim that fiber from the Japanese konjac root swells to 200 times its size temporarily, causing the body to feel full. The drink also contains caffeine, for a short-term energy boost.


4 Secrets to Celebrity Fitness

Abs like Lady Gaga. Arms like Katy Perry. Amanda Seyfried’s butt. We all want to look like the celebrities, but most of us don’t have access to the trainers or the time. Let’s face it, it mainly comes down to not having the money that stars have for fitness.

In a recent online article for That’s Fit, trainer to the stars Harley Pasternak shared some of the secrets. The author of “5-Factor Fitness: The Diet and Fitness Secret of Hollywood’s A-List,” Pasternak is known for training  some of the best-known bodies in the biz, like Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry, and Jessica Simpson. His premise of “less is more” definitely has merit.


Lady Gaga’s ‘Pop Star Diet’

Lady Gaga has shed some light on her diet practices in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. None of it has to do with her alleged involvement with the Baby Food Diet:

“I’m on a very strict healthy pop star diet. I don’t eat bread, just vegetables and salad and fish. Eating like that is much better for me anyway, but on Sundays I sometimes eat pasta,” the singer revealed.

So, even someone known for her excesses (at least in the wardrobe department) can even exercise a little moderation.