Lady Gaga Poses Nearly Nude to Fight Against Media Fat Comments

Lady Gaga’s recent 25-30 pound weight gain is easily noticeable on her small frame of 5’1″. With no surprise, it’s got the media riled up. The weird part is many of you never would have noticed if it wasn’t for the media’s harsh and criticizing remarks.

Now we all know Lady Gaga isn’t one to just sit there and take a hit without some sort of response, especially on such a topic like this. The pop star fought back with no hesitation by posting photos of herself wearing nothing but her yoga bra and panties. The photo’s caption admits to her weight struggles by saying, “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”

Her new site called Little Monsters just launched yesterday and has aided her constructive response to the media. The site is meant to encourage anyone and everyone to post photos of their bodies in order to let go of their own insecurities, no matter what they may be. Scars, fat, disorders, diseases..anything. Lady Gaga has been a huge encouragement to people all over the world who have low self-esteem for their bodies. It seems she’s found yet another way to encourage her fans to love who they are, inside and out.

Little Monsters looks similar to Pinterest and is already on a roll. People can vote on other’s stories/posts/photos, and the ones with the most votes make it to the top of the news feed. There are also chat rooms available for anyone who creates a Little Monster account. Basically, it’s another social networking site where you can follow and be followed; it’s just got a twist toward a positive body image.

Kathryn Budig, author of the forthcoming Big Book of Yoga, responded by saying, “I was incredibly proud of [Lady Gaga]. it takes some major balls to photograph yourself in underwear and be confident. As a petite woman, I understand what it is to ebb and flow in weight and I admire her bravery. I hope her statement makes all people feel confident in their skin whether petite or curvy”.

Gaga is certainly headed in that direction, to help others feel more confident. It starts by recognizing the beauty in yourself, and supporting that in others.

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