HealthBuzz September 28: Lady Gaga Reacts to Fat Comments, Fitness App Buyer Beware, and Pumpkin Inspired Recipes

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Now, dig in to the top stories for this week…

Lady Gaga Poses Nearly Nude to Fight Against Media Fat Comments

Fame, fortune, and being a pop-culture icon is awesome, right? Lady Gaga must have it all. But, she has been scrutinized by the media for her recent weight gain. Usually, celebrities do no like to comment about their weight gains or losses. However, Lady Gaga took pictures of herself nearly naked to show the world that she has a perfectly normal body.

Cows Being Fed Gummy Worms: The Health Consequences

We’ve all heard of the horrible things large cattle operations do to fatten cows up, like feeding cows corn knowing they can’t digest it. Now, dairy farms on a budget are feeding cows candy. Candy is bad enough for human bodies, what does it do to a cow’s body? Find out the health consequences of eating a candy-fed cow.

New Fat Shaming Commercials Do More Harm Than Good in Obesity Prevention Efforts

Parents always want the best for their kids. But, when it comes to healthy living, are parents setting a good example if they’re buying bags of potato chips or a triple bacon cheeseburger? Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota released two new commercials showing how parents’ eating habits affect their children. Check out the commercials and tell us what you think!

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