Best Celebrity Bodies of 2024: From Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss to Kate Gosselin’s Winning Mom Abs

Fitness magazine just released its list of the best celebrity bodies of 2024. Just as a warning: This is probably not the article you want to be reading after polishing off the last three slices of the holiday pecan pie.

kate middleton

Pie or no pie, having a perfect body is part of the celebrity’s job responsibility – or so it all too often seems.

The good news about this list is that Fitness Magazine drew from a variety of body shapes and sizes when selecting their contenders. So, without further adieu, here is the best celebrity bodies of 2024 list.

Best celebrity slim down: Winner Kelly Osbourne lost significant amounts of weight this past year.

Best Baby Bump: Melissa Rycroft from The Bachelor. Eating healthy for her and her baby, Melissa has reportedly been a fan of the clean eating diet to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Best Post Baby Body: Bethenny Frankel. This housewife received some sharp criticism for losing 29 pounds in 21 days following the birth of her daughter, but she claims she did it safely.

Best Age-Defiers: Courteney Cox and Kathy Griffin. Cox, 46, stays fit with the Tracy Anderson Method and Griffen, 50, commits to hitting the gym six days a week.

Best Bridal Body: Carrie Underwood. The country singer relied on her healthy, plant-based, vegetarian diet to keep her beautiful body looking better than ever as she walked down the aisle to wed hockey player, Mike Fisher.

Best Bride-to-Be: Kate Middleton. The next princess of England sports an enviable model-like figure thanks to great genes and one hour at the gym every day.

Best Curves: Kristina Hendricks. This voluptuous actress favors the BOSU ball and noshes on healthy fats, like olive oil and avocados, to maintain her healthy and ultra-feminine physique.

Best Mom Abs: Kate Gosselin.You may cheer her on or throw pretzels at your television set, but you can’t deny that this very determined mother of eight has transformed her body after giving birth to six kids.

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