Cookie Monster’s “Call Me Maybe” Spoof Cuts Calories by Sharing

Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” is such an internet sensation that it has made its way to Sesame Street! The Cookie Monster created his own lyrics to the hit beat and we aren’t going to lie, his lyrics are kind of catchy, too. The creators at Sesame Street made sure to have Cookie Monster’s lyrics kid friendly, but they are by no means diet friendly.

Cookie Monster’s parody, “Share It Maybe,” starts out with him in an office where he sees cookies being passed around, and that’s when he starts singing. Here is a selection of some of his lyrics in the parody:

Me got a wish on me mind

It is a chocolate chip kind

Me look at you and me tell

You may have snicker doodle

Me trade me soul for a bite

Me spell out black and white

Me look at you

Me see you like an elm in tree

You cookie showing

And me hunger growing

Lets get skim milk flowing

We’ll start this snack going baby!

Hey, me just met you and this is crazy

But you got cookie, so share it maybe

Bravo to the Cookie Monster for adding skim milk to his lyrics, because if he had said whole milk Americans probably would have had an uproar. Cookie Monster has been attacked as the issue of childhood obesity has risen. The “Share It Maybe” lyrics promote a little bit of healthy eating, because the Cookie Monster opts for skim milk and he asked others to share their cookies. By sharing a cookie children aren’t likely to eat a whole one, thus putting fewer calories in their body. However, even Cookie Monster knows, one cookie once in a while is OK, especially amongst friends.

Maybe next time we’ll take the healthy eating to another level with another kid-friendly song that promotes eating vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Hey, someone call the Veggie Tales and tell them to make a “Let’s Garden, Maybe” spoof!

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