Fitness Benefits of Tennis

Historically known as the “sport for a lifetime,” tennis can be played by just about anyone, at any stage of their fitness journey. It’s a sport that can be both fiercely competitive and completely relaxing. But what are some of the benefits to the player?

  • Tennis is a highly aerobic sport that burns more calories per hour than aerobic classes, cycling or skating. Men can burn over 500 calories in an hour of game play and women more than 400.
  • Because it requires alertness and tactical reasoning, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain. This, according to scientists at the University of Illinois, will promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain. We all know that brain development is a very good thing!

  • Tennis promotes anaerobic exercise, which helps the body use oxygen more efficiently by alternating short, intense bursts of activity followed by rest.
  • Gross motor skills are improved thanks to rapid court movement that requires control of large muscle groups.
  • Both agility and balance are improved by forcing you to change direction as many as five times in 10 seconds during a typical tennis point.
  • Recent studies have shown an increase in bone strength and density of tennis players by strengthening bones of young players and helping prevent osteoporosis in older ones.
  • Improvement in eye-hand coordination, thanks to the efforts required to meet the ball with the racquet.
  • Tennis is also a phenomenal way to grow your social skills.

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