Get Nudge and Finally Track All Your Health and Fitness Data in One App


If you’ve gotten the impression that fitness tracking wearable gadgets and mobile apps are coming out of the woodwork these days, you aren’t alone. From brand new startups to age-old sports brands, everyone wants to be the one you use to log, track, record, and analyze what you do every day with your body. Maybe you use one app to keep track of your food intake, another to log your route when you’re out for a run, and yet another to sync your fitness band.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place to keep all of that cumulative data, strip out all the fluff, and give you a quick and easy way to find out if you’re on track or falling behind?


Say hello to Nudge. Nudge is a free smartphone app that brings all of your healthy living together in one place, with one score. Connect Nudge with your favorite health tracking apps and wearables like RunKeeper, Moves, Fitbit, and more to see how your Nudge Factor stacks up against your friends.

Currently, Nudge syncs with the following apps you may already be using:

nudge-app-iosThe final result: you end up with a single numerical score, called the Nudge Factor, which lets you know how healthy you’re living. Unlike using multiple apps, flipping back and forth, and trying to find areas where you need to step up your game, Nudge lets you know with a glance. If you’re eating well but not getting in enough physical activity, your score will reflect accordingly. If you’re eating well and you’re getting in ample workout time, but not sleeping enough at night, your score will reflect that, as well.

While each of the apps Nudge syncs with are specialized in their purpose, none of them really help you step back and look at the big picture.

Nudge is the hub that connects it all and provides the insight you need to fine-tune your lifestyle. 

Nudge works with iPhones and Android smartphones, and it’s free to download for both. If you’ve struggled with making sense and keeping track of all the stats, graphs, charts, alerts, bubbles, lists, and countless other metrics thrown at you throughout your day, give Nudge a try today.

[Get Nudge for iPhone | Get Nudge for Android]


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