Get Paid for Working Out with Earndit

Finally, my kind of exercising. Instead of rewarding myself with an ice cream that will cancel out any calories I’ve just burned, Earndit rewards its users with free stuff!

Earndit works in tandem with fitness trackers to gauge how much physical activity you’ve done, convert that to points, and then let you redeem those points for rewards. The rewards aren’t half bad, either: a $35 gift card to women’s workout clothing shop Body Rock Sport, a $15 gift card to Peeled Snacks, or a $50 gift card to the men’s clothing line Bonobos are among the choices. Or, for philanthropists, get rewarded with charity gifts that allow you to purchase a polio vaccine for a child in India or send a care package to U.S. troops. However, the prizes are mostly fitness related, like workout apparel, healthy snacks, and supplements.

You don’t have to climb a mountain in order to get a pack of free energy bars, either. A walk or jog receives ten points per mile and bicyclists get three per mile. The rewards cap at 60 points per day. For a $10 gift card to it ‘costs’ you 100 points, or, for example, ten miles of running. There are restrictions on some of the offers, making them more like discounts than absolutely free products, but these restrictions are clearly outlined by Earndit on the rewards’ main page. Because Earndit’s rewards partners want to let others know about their companies, there’s no real ‘catch’ to redeeming prizes, except that the gift cards will not pay fully for most things you’ll want to buy with them.

Signing up is incredibly easy because you just sign in to your already established fitness account. Earndit supports




Foursquare (get 15 points every time you check in to a gym)




For me to sign up, I simply gave the email address and password I used with MapMyRun and with one click I was on the site. They had even already added 29 points for the workout I had completed in the past week with my tracker. The site also has a challenges section where you can compete with others for prizes by getting enough points in a set amount of time.

Want to exercise but don’t have the motivation? Earndit may be just the thing for you!

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