Healthy Pregnancy Week

healthy pregnant womanThis week at the focus was on pregnancy. We wanted to give moms information about nutrition and fitness they can use before, during and after their pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby, and a healthy mommy. We invited a number of moms from around the blogosphere, as well as experts in the fields of fitness and nutrition, to share their tips, insights and guidance for achieving your healthiest pregnancy.

We also did not forget about the new dads, inviting a couple of fathers who’ve battled the “daddy baby bulge” to share their experiences and how they’re overcoming the sympathy weight they gained alongside their wives.

Here you’ll find each of the posts from our Healthy Pregnancy series. We thank each of the contributors who made this series possible, and hope you’ll find this to be valuable information.

Getting Ready to Shed that Baby Weight This mom-to-be talks about her successful weight loss, only to turn around and plan another pregnancy. Learn how she plans to take it right back off. Susan Wenner Jackson from Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit

5 Pregnancy Diet Tips from Jillian Michaels and 4 Pregnancy Fitness Tips from Jillian Michaels The no-nonsense Biggest Loser trainer breaks down pregnancy diet and fitness needs with simple and approachable ways.

What Pregnant Moms Need to Know about Gestational Diabetes From personal experience, Jill Knapp shares three simple ways in which pregnant women can prevent gestational diabetes. Jill Knapp from Get Up and Get Moving

Pros and Cons of Pilates During Pregnancy with Alana Reed This Pilates expert talks about the many benefits pregnant women can enjoy by practicing this gentle fitness program. Alana Reed

Obesity Increases Chances of Infertility The author of several books related to infertility discusses the relationship between higher BMIs and reduced fertility in both men and women. Evelina Sterling from My Fertility Plan

Setting Goals to Lose the Daddy Bulge One of the dads who admits he “would eat for two as my wife was” talks about the goal that’s helping him slim down. Jason from SnaggedMag

Dads, Battle the Baby Bulge During Your Partner’s Pregnancy This father of twins, with one on the way, shared all of his wife’s fast-food cravings the first time and watched his weight rise. This time, he’s letting his wife have the cravings and he’s focused on his health. Clint Springeryoga with baby

New Mom Tips for Shedding the Baby Weight This mom stopped making excuses and got busy losing weight, 20 pounds in four months to be exact. Find out her real-life tips that work for losing baby weight. Christina from A Mommy Story

Omega-3 Can Prevent Postpartum Depression and 5 Ways to Overcome Postpartum Depression Our resident mental health professional discusses the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for postpartum prevention, as well as simple steps you can take for preventing and managing the depression. Brooke Randolph of

8 Tips for Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss from Moms This mom gathered advice from other new moms to share real-life tips that work when trying to drop those post-pregnancy pounds. Rebecca from Life With Boys

Be Grocery Shopping Savvy During Pregnancy From the IFIC comes advice for feeding your grocery-shopping induced cravings with something more nutritious that will fuel your pregnant body. Elizabeth Rahavi, R.D. from IFIC

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