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Dadication: Activate Your Father-Infant Bonding With These 5 Fitness Ideas

Father-infant bonding can be a challenging assignment for new dads. The first few weeks of a baby’s life are filled with breastfeeding sessions with mom, making it hard for a new papa to find quality, non-diaper changing time. The playing field levels out over time, and once the baby is a couple months old there are opportunities to find meaningful attachment for both parents.

New Dads

However, when it comes to extracurricular activities for dads and babies/toddlers, the menu is grossly catered to the mother. Whether it be a mom/baby yoga class, guppy swim lessons, toddler tumbling, or kiddie kitchen training, America is rife with “mommy and me” activities; dads be darned.

Of course, there are certain corners of the country where “daddy and me” classes are offered and flourishing. In fact, NYC Dads Group sponsors boot camps, organizes yoga classes, and schedules meet-ups for other involved dads. In smaller metroplexes—like the Midwest town where I reside—a dad would be hard-pressed to find such a resource.

Creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness are traits every father needs to develop, and there are a wealth of pastimes a dad and child can partake in. Our buddy Mark Segedie—fitness trainer for Mamavation and dad to three boys—affirmed the difficulties of paternal bonding but was eager to offer helpful suggestions to make the task easier than managing a bedtime tantrum. (more…)

Plated Makes Gourmet Cooking a Snap with Recipe Kits Shipped to Your Door

Two significant events occurred in my life this past May. I finally learned how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich and delightedly welcomed my first child into the world. Realizing that my deficiencies in the kitchen put me at a major disadvantage in the world of child rearing, I was resolved to refine my culinary skills.

After a couple serviceable attempts in the kitchen—a decent veggie burger, a not-too-clumpy homemade alfredo sauce—I felt indifferent, uninspired, and still relatively pedestrian as a chef. But in a simple whisk of fate, Plated.com arrived at our office. Plated is a new start-up that allows you to pick and choose healthy recipes online, then sends all the ingredients right to your door complete with dummy-proof cooking instructions.


Plated features a weekly menu—everything from warm kale and quinoa salad to London broil—and gives you two different ways to order. The a la carte method allows you to order four to six plates at about $15 per plate. (A “plate” is a serving for one person.) There’s also a membership option wherein you pay $10 per month and save up to $4 per plate.

Plated thinks there is a gourmet chef in all of us, and their program is designed to take the inconvenience out of culinary pursuits. It also came highly recommended from fellow DIR staffer Lacy Jaye Hansen.


Healthy Pregnancy Week

healthy pregnant womanThis week at DietsInReview.com the focus was on pregnancy. We wanted to give moms information about nutrition and fitness they can use before, during and after their pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby, and a healthy mommy. We invited a number of moms from around the blogosphere, as well as experts in the fields of fitness and nutrition, to share their tips, insights and guidance for achieving your healthiest pregnancy.

We also did not forget about the new dads, inviting a couple of fathers who’ve battled the “daddy baby bulge” to share their experiences and how they’re overcoming the sympathy weight they gained alongside their wives.

Here you’ll find each of the posts from our Healthy Pregnancy series. We thank each of the contributors who made this series possible, and hope you’ll find this to be valuable information.

Getting Ready to Shed that Baby Weight This mom-to-be talks about her successful weight loss, only to turn around and plan another pregnancy. Learn how she plans to take it right back off. Susan Wenner Jackson from Mr. and Mrs. Get Fit

5 Pregnancy Diet Tips from Jillian Michaels and 4 Pregnancy Fitness Tips from Jillian Michaels The no-nonsense Biggest Loser trainer breaks down pregnancy diet and fitness needs with simple and approachable ways.


Dads, Battle the Baby Bulge During Your Partner’s Pregnancy

The week of July 20 is Healthy Pregnancy Week at DietsInReview.com.

twin babiesDr. Clint Springer is the father of twin four-year old boys and is currently expecting a daughter in the fall. He is also an Assistant Professor of Biology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA where he studies the effects of climate change on plants.

Pregnancy not only means changes with your partner’s body, but if you are not careful it may mean some for dad, too. It happened to me when my wife was pregnant for our twins. Prior to the pregnancy I was not in prime shape, I had just completed a doctoral program and made a major life transition from graduate school to my first position that moved us half way across the country. However, after the pregnancy I was thirty pounds heavier than before. I was astounded, I had no idea I was gaining weight between the stresses of a new job and the preparations for the twins’ arrival.  (more…)

Setting Goals to Lose the Daddy Baby Bulge

The week of July 20 is Healthy Pregnancy Week at DietsInReview.com.

Jason is a dad who blogs at SnaggedMag. After the birth of his daughter, he experienced what some might call the daddy baby bulge, and now he’s working to kiss it goodbye.jason perrier

Didn’t these pants fit me last week? I found myself asking that question a lot leading up to the birth of my daughter and into the first two years of her life. How did this happen? And where was I when it happened?

It seemed like the months and days leading up to the birth of my daughter there was a life transition in our home. The closer we got to the date, the more we seemed to stay home and hibernate. Maybe it was the feeling that our lives were going to change or just the pure exhaustion of getting the nursery ready. We also came up with a grand scheme of moving to a new city six months before the birth for a new job. So not only not knowing anyone here didn’t help, but having four job changes between the two of us in those six months didn’t help either.    (more…)