Setting Goals to Lose the Daddy Baby Bulge

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Jason is a dad who blogs at SnaggedMag. After the birth of his daughter, he experienced what some might call the daddy baby bulge, and now he’s working to kiss it goodbye.jason perrier

Didn’t these pants fit me last week? I found myself asking that question a lot leading up to the birth of my daughter and into the first two years of her life. How did this happen? And where was I when it happened?

It seemed like the months and days leading up to the birth of my daughter there was a life transition in our home. The closer we got to the date, the more we seemed to stay home and hibernate. Maybe it was the feeling that our lives were going to change or just the pure exhaustion of getting the nursery ready. We also came up with a grand scheme of moving to a new city six months before the birth for a new job. So not only not knowing anyone here didn’t help, but having four job changes between the two of us in those six months didn’t help either.   

Oh yeah, I know where those extra pounds came from. I decided that I would eat for two as my wife was, except someone forgot to tell me I wasn’t the one that was pregnant.

After the birth of my daughter I made the mistake that I am pretty sure most parents make. I forgot about my health and made sure that my daughter was happy and healthy. Plus, I wanted to be around her whenever I wasn’t working and didn’t want to have anything else take up that time.

Now two years later I am ready to get rid of this ‘Daddy Bulge’ and not be around for my daughter now, but be around in the future.

For me to knock off the weight I realized that I needed a goal in mind. That goal is to run a 5K at the end of the year, which so far hasn’t been as successful as I have wanted it to be as I seem to revert back to sedentary Daddy mode instead of ‘healthy’ Daddy mode. Now if I can just remember where I left those running shoes.

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