HealthyShare App Makes Olympic Athletes Your Personal Trainers

The entire globe is getting Olympic fever. With the games officially kicking off tonight, the excitement is only going to get higher. Whether you’ve had the bug or are just now getting bitten, are you aware you can still train like an Olympian, with the help of Olympians?

Earlier this summer General Electric (GE) and Facebook launched the HealthyShare App. Through this app, users can take fitness challenges from real Olympians, as well as healthy eating challenges or simply “get moving” challenges. The app allows for users to prod their friends to take a challenge and essentially get many moving and on a healthier path all during the buzz of the Olympic Games.

Megan Parker, a GE spokesperson, works on the GE-powered app and reported back about the progress of this program.

What has the public’s response been?
The response from Facebook users has been really exciting to see. Not only are people engaging in the Olympian Challenges and Get Moving and Eat Healthier Challenges, they are also encouraging their friends to join by ‘liking’ and ‘nudging,’ which has resulted in a lot of new users of the HealthyShare app.

What athletes are the most popular to follow?
As of now, the top athlete challenge on the app is Kevin Durant’s. That said, as the Olympics start and people get excited about the athletes’ respective sports, we’ll see if that changes!

Have you heard of any inspiring testimonies?
Because the app gives you the flexibility to create your own goals and update accordingly, we’ve really seen a range of fitness, recreational and nutritional actions from users. From one user who shared a recipe for a breakfast smoothie in the “Eat Healthier” challenge to other users who log routine activities, such as carrying groceries home or doing housework in the “Get Moving” challenge, HealthyShare users can really make the app their own. Whether users are recording actions daily to stick to their goals or sharing routines and meal recipes to help out their friends, it’s great to see people using their network of friends as a way of sharing – and staying motivated – about fitness and wellness.

Since the games are opening this week, do you expect more traffic?
In time for the Olympics, HealthyShare is launching Olympic-themed daily challenges available within the app during the 17 days of the games. The goal is to tap into the competitive spirit of the Olympics and get people motivated to make small steps toward better health while having some fun!

Some of the challenges readers might be interested in:

  • Tone Your Arms (July 27): Use free weights or a can of soup to get yours arms strong enough to flex a bow as the Olympic archers take aim in London.
  • Eat Like a Rower (July 30): What do rowers eat for breakfast? Eggs, fruit, a large bowl of oatmeal, and a thick slice of whole grain bread with olive oil or honey. Take a note from today’s Olympic hopefuls and start your day with whole grains and fruit.
  • Hydration (Aug. 6): Olympic marathoners will drink about 1.7 liters of water during today’s event and sweat out approximately 3.5 liters per hour. Drink eight, 8-ounce glasses today and give your body what it needs to finish the day.
  • Test Your Endurance (Aug. 11): The modern pentathlon starts today! Do cardio activity of your choice for 30 minutes: Run, swim, power walk, or do the elliptical machine. If you need a break, walk, but donʼt stop.

How long will the program last?
The app is continuing to evolve with new features and additional challenges. GE sees the app as a great way to get people committing to and sharing their wellness goals and encouraging their friends to do the same – friends will always be good for your health. With this in mind, there’s no official end date to the app.

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