Is K-Fed’s Weight Gain a Sign of Emotional Eating?

kfed fatFirst it was his ex-wife, Britney Spears is forever being pounded and hounded by the media; now Kevin Federline has the spotlight shining on him for his ever-expanding size.

Once a back-up dancer for Micheal Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, K-Fed used to sport a well-toned and fit physique. But perhaps it is the constant pressure of being mobbed by paparazzi, the agonizing battle over the custody of his two sons or his role as a full-time parent, Kevin has gained considerable weight in the past few months.

If this is the case then maybe Kevin, just like millions of Americans, has from time to time given in to the emotionality of eating. As anyone who has ever inhaled a pint of Ben & Jerry’s after being delivered unsettling news or tossed back an entire back of potato chips in one sitting without much awareness of taste and quantity, emotional eating is a relentless cycle of turning to food for comfort without being present to the feelings of satiety or satisfaction. And while eating issues are typically considered female-oriented, even men turn to food for reasons other than physical hunger.

Let’s hope for the sake of his own health and as a role model to his sons, that K-Fed sees these pictures of himself and begins to make some small changes to what he eats and how much he eats.

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