Jessica Biel’s Diet Secrets

Jessica Biel has one of the most envied bodies in Hollywood, and not because she is stick thin.

Biel rocks a beautiful figure that is both feminine and strong at the same time. She has muscles and curves in all the right places and she takes her health as seriously as she does her efforts to raise awareness about the global water crisis. In early 2022, Biel teamed up with environmental activists, like granddaughter of the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau and other actors, to trek up Mount Kilimajnaro in Tanzania to raise global awareness of the clean water crisis.

In last month’s issue of Glamour magazine distributed in the UK, Biel traded in her hiking boots for pumps to discuss her diet and fitness secrets.

Biel revealed that she works out three days a week with her personal trainer and she spends the other days staying fit on her own, whether it’s a sweaty yoga class, a hike in some of L.A.’s mountainous areas, or a jog outside.

In regards to diet, she adheres to Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon’s six-day diet. This diet has you eating pretty healthy, lean and low-cal six days of the week and one day a week, you can indulge in your favorite foods, without going on a complete binge-fest.

“When I’m working, I eat healthily all week, I then give myself one day – usually Sunday – when I just eat what I want. You have to, otherwise your mind goes a little nutso,” she said.

There are actually a number of diets similar to Biel’s that require you to eat like an angel most of the week and give in to your inner Oreo-loving devil for one day. Here are just a few:

  • The Cheat to Lose Diet: A plan that lets you indulge in carb-rich foods one day a week, while the rest of the six days you eat tons of veggies and lean proteins.
  • The No S Diet: A diet that cuts out seconds, sweets and snacking except on days that start with the letter S.
  • The Day Off Diet: A program that allows you to pick any one day out of the week to unleash your inner foodie.

Diets that allow for some wiggle room offer a number of benefits: They instill a notion of patience within you. They teach you that life is not all about deprivation. And they allow you to use your eating choices much like you would use a checking account saving up for a pair of awesome shoes. But they do run the risk of stuffing yourself silly on your cheat day, and if during the week you’re too strict, you might find yourself spending the majority of your day contemplating how you can create the single best ice cream sundae.

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