Kristin Cavallari Loses Weight the Healthy Way for her Wedding Day

Kristin Cavallari is widely known by fans of her former show, The Hills. Cavallari has also recently become engaged to NFL Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The upcoming wedding along with not being satisfied with how she looked on television motivated Cavallari to do something about her weight. In order to tone up and slim down for her special day, Cavallari started intense workouts and kickboxing sessions to get her body back into shape.

Cavallari admitted that she had gained around eight pounds since she started seeing Cutler and would “eat like a 6’4” guy” at the beginning of their relationship. One of the main things Cavallari cut from her diet was alcohol. She stated that cutting alcohol was important to her weight loss because, “when I’m hung over, I eat whatever I want.” In addition to cutting out alcohol, she also worked out with a trainer three times per week and then did cardio exercise for 40 minutes. By sticking with her plan, Cavallari has whittled her weight to 109 pounds for her 5’3” frame.

For her workouts, Cavallari includes light weights into her routines. Her cardio may include things like running, walking, swimming and calisthenics. Callivari typically tries to burn at least 300 to 400 calories in each workout. For her diet, she eats well most of the time, but does have a free day where she can eat anything she wants. During those six days of eating healthy, she eats up to five small meals throughout the day to keep her blood sugar levels balanced. This style of eating also helps curb hunger, keeps the metabolism fueled and reduces overeating.

Cavallari’s approach to eating is one that can be utilized by anyone that wants to lose weight and avoid intense hunger which may cause overeating. Enjoying several smaller meals throughout the day can help you avoid eating too little or too much at certain points in the day because you are eating every few hours. It is much easier to eat less at one meal when you know your next meal or snack is not far away.

Cavallari has provided a great example of proper eating and exercise for those who want to lose weight. All too often women crash diet before their weddings, but it seems Cavallari has her head on straight when it comes to realistic, lasting weight loss.

Image and content via: Daily Mail and Shed Your Weight


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