Laughing Cow Cheese Adds New Light Flavors

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If you love cheese, but hate the calories and fat that come with an ever-so-small creamy wedge of your favorite fromage, listen up.

This new food find from Laughing Cow will give all health-conscious cheese lovers a delish and low-cal reason to safely indulge.

The Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges have just come out with three more scrumptious low-calorie flavors: Blue Cheese, Mozzeralla Sun-Dried Tomato Basil and Queso Fresco Chipotle. Other Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge flavors include Creamy Swiss, Garlic and Herb and French Onion.

Each wedge contains a mere 35 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, 0 carbohydrates and eight percent of your calcium needs. Their creamy texture gives them gold stars in the spreadability category and their compactness gets them an A+ in the healthy snack category.

Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, raves about the Laughing Cow Light wedges and combines them in tons of her recipes.

Spread ’em, dip ’em, melt ’em – the ways to eat them are innumerable.

Here are just a few suggestions for how you can enjoy your Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges:

  • Spread on bread, crackers, apple or pear slices, or rice cakes
  • Melt in burritos
  • Add to scrambled eggs
  • Stir into tomato soup
  • Pair with a few walnuts or almonds
  • Substitute for mayonnaise or mustard on a sandwich
  • Spread on English muffin pizzas
  • Melt into marinara sauce for a creamy but low-calorie pasta sauce
  • Use in lieu of cream cheese on a whole-grain bagel

The Laughing Cow is also creator of the adorable Mini Babybels, small chubby rounds of cheese that are packed with calcium and protein and perfect for a quick on-the-go snack or a delightful and low-cal pairing to crackers and fruit.

Look for these new Laughing Cow Light wedges flavors in the cheese section of your grocery store. Here are some additional fun, healthy and delicious food finds.

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