Miley Cyrus’s 10-Year-Old Sister Calls Herself Fatty

Child health is an interesting tight rope walk. That is, you want kids to eat healthy and get regular exercise. But, in their impressionable and developing emotional state, you really don’t want them to “diet” or think about their weight in such a regimental or hardcore way.

So, when you hear about Miley Cyrus with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and the regimental diet and fitness that he gives his clients, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. Sure, it’s great that she takes care of herself, but it’s also a business decision. Not to mention, she’s been with Pasternak since she was 14.

To me, it just seems to be a little too hardcore for a teenager. It’s perfectly healthy for kids to work out. But call me old-fashioned, I just think kids should get most of their exercise playing sports and horsing around in the yard or the neighborhood playground, not with a trainer.

So, what kind of example is Miley setting for her 10-year-old sister, Noah? While she isn’t doing anything wrong, I can’t help but wonder if the high-pressured world of entertainment that she lives in, which puts so much emphasis on being physically perfect, isn’t rubbing off on Noah in a negative way.

I could be completely over-analyzing the video below, but when Noah and her friend pretend to be hosting a show, and she refers to herself as “fatty”… well, it just creeps me out a little. Decide for yourself:

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